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Looking Out for the Right Laptop Safe

Posted by Dominic Schwebs on

When you are shopping around for safes—whether it’s for your guns, your money, or important documents—you are undoubtedly looking for something with a lot of security and just as much space for those important items you want to keep… well, safe. But one type you are probably not on the market for is a laptop safe. Maybe you think it’s a superfluous purchase or something you don’t quite have the space for. However, a decent laptop safe can protect you from more than a world of hurt as more people begin to rely on laptops for the bulk of their digital

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Does a Student Need a Safe?

Posted by Dye Hawley on

Students are often overlooked or ignored when it comes to safes. People don’t realize what expensive items students have—they may not own jewels or have home deeds but have you seen how much computers cost nowadays? Or phones and iPods? Those items alone are well worth the cost of protecting them. And what’s more, most students aren’t lucky enough to live in a home secured with proper alarms and anti-burglary devices but rather live in dorms, dorm-style apartments or low-rent apartments near campus. Especially in the case of dorms, rooms may not have proper locks on them and the effective control

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Protecting Your College Dorm Room

Posted by Dye Hawley on

As anyone who has gone to college and lived in a dorm room knows, you’re living in very small quarters with a bunch of other college students in a building that often has pretty relaxed security measures. My college dorm had key-card entry, but that didn’t stop people from propping open the door to let others in, or letting in a stranger who swears they’re just going up to see a friend. Most of the time, these are honest people making honest mistakes but it only takes one thief entering the dorm under false pretenses to cause a lot of

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Laptop Safes and Car Safes

Posted by Jay Hunt on

Laptop safes and car safes are fast becoming a necessity in the fight to protect against identity theft. Recent studies show that even though consumers are becoming more aware of how to protect themselves from online identity theft and fraud, offline theft is still the biggest source of data and personal information loss in America. Anywhere from 600,000 to 1.5 million laptops are stolen or lost each year in the United States, according to law-enforcement and private estimates. The FBI reports that 97% of these stolen laptops are never recovered.

This isn’t just limited to laptop computers either. Other technology such as

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