Wall safes provide inconspicuous protection for valuables

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Hidden Wall Safes provide hidden protection while giving you easy access to your money, jewelry, and other valuables. This type of safe frees up floor space while the safe itself is concealed from view, giving you more piece of mind knowing that your safe is hidden from plain sight. A Wall Safe can easily be hidden behind a picture that will go unnoticed more easily by burglars than a larger safe out in the open. Wall Safes should not be used for long term storage of high value items.

Wall Safes are designed for easy installation with pre-drilled anchor holes between 16″ wall studs. Most Wall Safes have a built-in flange eliminating the need to patch walls with plaster. Be sure to select the right Wall Safe for walls that are either 4″ or 6″ deep. Some Wall Safes have adjustable depths which allow you to expand or collapse your safe for a custom fit and added storage space. Click here for instructions on how to install a Wall Safe from “This Old House.”

Another thing to consider when choosing a Wall Safe is fire protection. Fires can consume walls quickly, so your wall safe should have a lab tested fire rating to ensure proper fire resistance, especially for valuables and papers that are easily damaged by fire. Most Wall Safes are not fireproof. The fireproof wall safes we have on our web site require a “wall depth” of 15″ or more. You will need to find a place in your home or business where the “wall depth” will allow this. Extremely important documents should be kept in a fireproof Burglar Fire Safe or Vault and not in a wall safe.

If you have many items you want to protect in a safe, consider a Floor Safe that may have more storage room than a wall safe, and can still be easily hidden. Remember, that Floor Safes are NOT fire rated. Some have “fire resistance” but in a serious fire, Floor Safes do not have fireproof material in the door and your important documents or cash money will most likely burn up. You should also store lower amounts of content value in Wall Safes because the risk of loss is greater than if you use a Burglar Fire Safe or High Security Burglar Fire Safe.

Wall Safes can be a convenient solution giving you easy access, and they have the advantage of being hidden. Fire rated wall safes have added protection against the risk of fire, but you may want to consider a larger Burglar Fire Safe for more valuable items and documents. Make sure you choose the right size Wall Safe for the stud width and depth of your walls. Be sure to install your wall safe correctly to ensure proper protection.

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