Gardall B2018 B-Rated Money Chest

Model: B2018

Outside: 21.25" H x 19.25" W x 22.75" D
Inside: 20.75" H x 18.75" W x 20.50" D
Interior Cubic Feet: 4.62
Weight: 214.00
Burglar Rating: B-Rate

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Product Info

Gardall B-2018-G-C B-Rated Money Chest (Burglar Safe)

If fire protection is not a concern, but theft is, let's talk about the Gardall B-Rated burglar safe B2018-G-C as one of 5 sizes in this series and one that is sure to fit your needs. Let's take a look.

If theft protection is important and space is also a concern, this "B" rated money chest with its 4.6 cubic feet inside, will be ideal for easy access of those items you use on a regular basis, such as cash, your wife's jewelry and more.

This mid-sized money safe is also great for commercial storage of vital cash, lottery tickets, traveler checks or other valuable documents. Some of the features include laser cut ½" plate steel doors, supported by heavy duty hinges for a lifetime of use. There are also many other features on this mid-sized money safe.

Along with the laser cut (accuracy is assured) door we also feature a 1/4" solid steel body. On the floor of the safe are 4 anchor holes for bolting it to the floor. (We recommend that all safes be bolted to the floor to provide additional theft protection). The standard combination lock is an S&G Group II lock, a standard in the industry. An electronic digital lock is also available for an additional charge.

Included in the"B" rated money chest are 5 massive 1 1/4" chrome bolts along with a full length locking bar on the hinge side to deter prying.

In this mid-sized money safe, there has also one shelf added that can be adjusted or removed to fit your needs.

So as you can see, the Gardall B-rated money chest B2018-G-C  has a multitude of uses at a very reasonable price. If you need more room, check out some of the other Gardall money chests in larger sizes.

Standard Features:

  • ½” plate steel door
  • ¼” steel body
  • 5 active 1¼” locking bolts
  • S&G Group II combination lock
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Full length locking bar to deter prying attack on hinges
  • 4 anchoring holes in bottom

Recent Customer Reviews

Posted: 01/14/2015

Reviewer: Customer


The safe combination numbers are visually difficult to separate the 90 and the 80, the bottom of the 9 almost bends in a loop and looks like an 8. I have other safes for my business, this is the 1st time I have seen this issue. Maybe if the numbers were slightly bigger this would not be an issue.<br />

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