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Tidel Series 4 with Single Note Feeder and Tube Vend


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Tidel Series 4 with Single Note Feeder and Tube Vend


  • Model: Tidel Series 4 with Single Note Feeder and Tube Vend
  • Outside: 30.75" H X 22.00" W X 23.00" D
  • Weight: 316.00
  • Burglar Rating: B-Rate
  • Usually Ships in 3-4 Weeks



Configured as follows:

Series 4 with Tube Vend
Series 4 Storage Vault Pedestal
1 Single Note Feed Validator (one note at a time)

For more than a quarter century, Tidel has been the recognized leader in the manufacture of retail cash security systems. With over 250,000 systems shipped, major retailers throughout the world have turned to Tidel to provide solutions to their cash handling needs. Series 4, Tidel's leading-edge cash management system, builds on TACC's established legacy as a robbery deterrent. Series 4 has been designed to further reduce the risk of internal theft, streamline in-store management time, and create greater efficiency in store operations, thereby improving overall customer service.

The Series 4 family of Cash Management Systems is designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind. The Series 4 installs as a node on your existing network, and its proprietary Windows based software provides secure, 2-way communication between the Series 4 and POS. The networked Series 4 system allows users to view and download transnational data or reports, remotely install currency updates, download software enhancements and transfer status indicators or data logs. Tidel's software also provides the unique ability to electronically "command and control" the operation of the Series 4 through the POS terminal, providing full accountability and effectively closing the cash management loop. Note reading software can easily be updated across the network so that no trips to the store are required.

Hardware Features
  • 7" Color Console screen.
  • Note validator maintenance door - enables validator heads to be removed in the event of a note jamb.
  • Two bottom vault options - storage vault (includes drop slot), or mailbox drop vault.
  • Single validators. An additional validator can be added on for an extra charge. Extra Large (XL) capacity avaliable as an additional option.
  • Support for standard (1,200 notes) or XL (2,250 notes) Cassettes.
  • Integrated thermal printer with receipt cutter.
  • Integrated tube loading gate that prevents unauthorized laoding of tubes.
  • Stores 11 tubes of 8 denominations for a total of 88 tubes.
  • Each tube can hold up to 30 notes or a roll of coins.

Software Features

  • Integrated console to control all tube vend functions.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) and/or iButton allows managed access to functions, reports, and instant access.
  • Tubes can be vended by authorized personnel.
  • Tube vending limits can be placed on any cashier or manager.
  • Up to five adjustable time delays between each tube vend occurrence.
  • "Buy Change" allows for the exchange of a note for tubes of change.
  • All transactions, deposits, drops and vault access can be audited to an individual user through the use of PIN's.


  • Weight: 316 pounds.
  • height: 30.75".
  • Width: 22".
  • depth: 19" vault only.
  • depth: 23" overall.

Power Connections:

Unit must be connected to a dedicated power circuit consisting of leads or connected to the optional Tidel surge protector.