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Tidel Series 4e BCR Bulk Coin Dispenser & Recycler


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Tidel BCR Bulk Coin Dispenser & Recycler


  • Model:Tidel Series 4e BCR Bulk Coin Dispenser & Recycler
  • Outside: 49.53" H x 25.40" W x 36.19" D
  • Weight: 972 Pounds
  • Burglar Rating: B-Rate
  • Usually Ships in 3-4 Weeks


The Tidel (BCR) Bulk Coin Dispenser and Recycler module will change the way you think about cash automation in your counting room. It is designed for organizations that handle large volumes of cash transactions as part of their every day operation.

If you are a retail organization that has multiple cash drawers at the beginning and ending of the shift, the Bulk Coin Dispenser and Recycler enables the cashiers to start their shift by dispensing coins and bills authorized for their own till drawer. No need for hand counting and worrying about employee theft. At the end of their shift, each employee can drop their coins and bills back into the system for final check out. The built-in coin recycler counts bulk coins dropped into the system tray, which then automatically counts and places each coin into the respective coin hopper.

By automating your cash management functions, the BCR reduces counting errors and missing money, allowing you to focus on growing your business, not spending time counting cash.

Due to the Series 4e modularity, the Bulk Coin Dispenser with Recycler may be coupled with a High Capacity Note Dispenser and a Note Validation module to provide a complete solution for employee cash accountability. If you have any questions regarding the Tidel Series 4e BCR Bulk Coin Dispenser & Recycler, please give us a call so that we can build the perfect system for your needs.


  • Robbery Deterrent
  • Internal Shrink Controls
  • Cash Management
  • Secure Receipt Storage
  • Cash Reserve Storage
  • Coin and Note Dispensing
  • Cash Back on Debit Cards
  • Recycles Coins
  • Replenish Cash for Register (POS)
  • Single or Bulk Feed Note Validators

Hardware Features

  • Coins are dispensed at a rate of 8 coins per second per hopper.
  • Coins are counted, validated and recycled at a rate of up to 60 coins per minute.
  • 8 coin hoppers; each hopper can hold: 1,300 (25 cents), 3,400 (10 cents), 1,700 (5 cents) and 2,600 (1 cent).
  • Typical till drawer is dispensed in less than 30 seconds.
  • Audible alarm in vault door.
  • iButton data key allows instant access to vaults.
  • Wireless or Ethernet network connection.
  • System connectivity via RJ 11 and RJ 45 cables (provided with system).

Software Features

  • All bulk coin dispensing and recycling transactions are completely auditable and managed by individual user PIN.
  • Easy to use start-of-shift, till filling function.
  • Includes a complete cash management application.
  • Buy Change function allows for the exchange of a note for bulk change.
  • Advanced accounting features allow for extensive list of reports.
  • Supports network downloads for software upgrades or for new currency releases.
  • Can be connected to Ethernet network for interface to POS, back office PC, or remote locations.
  • Remote reports can be downloaded using an Ethernet or optional cellular connection.


Bulk Coin Dispenser and Recycler with High Capacity Note
Dispenser and Series 4e

  • Width: 25.4“ (645 mm)
  • Height: 49.53” (1,258mm)
  • Depth: 36.19” (919mm)
  • Weight: 972 lbs. (440 kg.)

Recycle Denominations

Up to 4

Recycle Capacity

*can also accept (not dispense)

US $0.50 and $1 coin

1¢: 6,800 coins

5¢: 4,200 coins

10¢: 9,600 coins

25¢: 3,700 coins

Deposit Speed

3,000 coins/minute

Dispense Speed

8 coins/second/hopper


    • 1 Year Parts and 90 Days Labor (Inside the US)
    • 1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US)
    Power Requirements:
    • 120 VAC 60Hz or 220 VAC 50Hz