SafeandVaultStore FT15-2417 TL-15 High Security Burglar Fire Safe

Model: FT15-2417

Outside: 28.00" H x 21.00" W x 23.50" D
Inside: 24.00" H x 17.00" W x 17.00" D
Interior Cubic Feet: 4.01
Weight: 790.00
Burglar Rating: TL-15
Fire Rating: 1 Hour

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Availability: Usually Ships in 7-10 Business Days
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Customer Reviews

Posted: 2016-04-18T00:59:27.431Z

Reviewer: Michael S


I spent close to a year learning about safes in preparation for a rather large purchase, as I'd well outgrown my previous Walmart "steel" box (which came complete with instructions on YouTube 'how to open without a combination'!)., from the virtual beginning, served as my hub for price comparison (they have a price match guarantee, but you'll be impossibly hard pressed to find a better value anywhere else!). Their safe 'guru' (and Manager) Dye "The Safe Guy" was a wealth of information and 9 out of 10 times is the first person to answer the phone in customer service. As is true of every representative at SandVS I dealt with from sales to customer service, Dye was infinitely patient (I had MANY complicated and specific questions) and on the rare ocassions he couldn't answer a question immediately, from his vast repetoire of experience in the industry, he (as did the rest of the staff) either contacted me back immediately or was able to research the answer while we were on the phone.

After extensive research, I decided to go with a safe about 4x the size I had originally planned on!!! This may sound extreme, but consider this... Is a safe something you want to grow into or out of? I also increased the security level to a TL15 but was able to save major major $$$ by going with a non-mainstream European made "Eurovault" from a California distributer. I will say, I was initially extremely hesitant about purchasing a non-"American Made" High Security Composite Fire/Burglary safe, but my fears were put to rest the moment I opened my 250-300lb vault door. The safe was a bit rough on the inside from a purely asthetic/cosemetic aspect in the sense that the paint was scuffed black and smeared in one small corner of the opening. There was also quite a bit of dust on the inside of the vault, but again, a wet wipe and a dry paper towel later, and I was grinning like a tourist at Disneyland!

The safe is massive! Just over 5cu/ft! I initially ordered the FT2417, Eurovaults 24/17/17 4 cu/ft 750lb TL15 because it was on sale, it was on quick ship, AND they were doing 10% off on all "SafeandVaultStore" products, which includes the Eurovault line of TL15's. This is actually where I ran into my first of two hiccups with my whole experience.

SandVStore claimed that my safe was on quick ship, which according to the site, "ships in 3-5 business days". Well after 5 business days, I still hadn't received a notice of shipment from the freight company in California (SandVS keep you up to date with tracking from the moment your safe leaves the warehouse and is picked up by freight, until the freight company contacts you to arrange your appointment!)! Unfortunately, when I contacted SandVS, I was told that the safe had been out of stock, but the company (Eurovault NOT SandVS) hadn't updated their inventory list. Naturally I was devastated, as I had been preparing for delivery, with a locksmith standing by, for the following Friday (the original approximated delivery date). I was very sleep deprived and upset when I found this out from the CS supervisor at SandVS (Heather, who is just awesome!) and may have said some unhappy things, but this is where The Safe and Vault Store's extreme professionalism came through!

I was contacted very shortly after by email (as I'd requested), naturally with the utmost profuse but professional of apologies, and was informed that if I chose not to cancel my order, that the company, Eurovault would upgrade me to the next size vault for free! Unfortunately, the Safe and Vault Store (Eurovault) FT3417 (34/17/17) is freaking MASSIVE! 200 lbs more than what my locksmith and I had discussed (He'd given me bad enough time about a 750lb safe)! With some trepidation, I decided to keep my order open, and was shortly after informed that not only would the safe be going out the following Monday, but they were expediting the freight at SandVS's cost AND crediting my CC with $50 for the inconvenience!

To say I was an extremely greatful and satisfied customer the Friday morning (RIGHT on time!) when my beast of a vault arrived would be one of the greater understatements of my history as a writer. One of my concerns of the Erovault's TL15 model, was the wall thickness of only 2 1/2 inches, but as I hammered around the sides of the vault, you'd have thought I was pounding on one foot thick brick! The Eurovault TL15 uses a unique 'Z' bar welding technique which attaches the outer and inner layers of the vaults steel walls to the internal composite structure. The high security lock function on the door is yet another added bonus, providing an additional demention of security or allowing faster access (if you leave the combination dial in the final "unlocked" fourth position) to the vault.

THE DOOR! Oh the door! By far, my favorite aspect of this vault! This 250-300 behemoth glides open and closed with the ease of a feather light touch, just don't get in its way!! The FT2417 and 3417 (as well as other models) all have three way active locking/unlocking bolt work (one of my many deciding factors on the SandVS Eurovault) as well as a passive, full-length, interlocking bar "dead bolt" on the hinge side to help prevent access in case the hinges are removed. The dial is a bit clunky and has a tenancy to rotate of its own accord in the opposite direction a few numbers while you're spinning the dial when you release it to reposition your wrist. At first this was very irksome, but I quickly realized that even if it spins back in the opposite direction, instead of starting back from the beginning, I simply continue with the combination and it unlocks without an issue. My other complaint with the dial is you can hear the tumblers!!!!! Fortunately, you start to hear them long before your number comes up, and even with a stethoscope I couldn't destinguish a specific tone or pattern anywhere around my numbers, so once again, this is simply another benign, purely asthetic issue.

The final comment I have to make is the company (Eurovault, NOT SandVS) sent the vault with two different sized shelves! One of the shelves was almost falling off of the brackets! However, once again, the professionalism that makes the Safe and Vault Store stand out from any other competitor came through, and Dye personally contacted Eurovault and had another (correctly sized) shelf at my door within just a few business days!

I will be recommending The Safe and Vault Store to anyone looking to upgrade their security or even just looking to get a foothold of protection for their valuables. You can't put a price on safety, but you sure can charge it to your credit card, and with the Safe and Vault Store, I know (again from about a year of research) that I'm not only getting the best deal on the web (and free shipping), but the best support and care in the business, and a whale of a product to back their upstanding name!

Posted: 03/30/2016

Reviewer: Customer


Overall good experience

Posted: 06/21/2015

Reviewer: Customer


I think this is the best value for my needs.

Posted: 09/08/2014

Reviewer: Customer


Tracking information indicated delivery scheduled for 9/3 but was changed to 9/4. Safe did arrive in good condition. Large selection and the salesman Dye was very helpful.

Posted: 08/07/2014

Reviewer: brian


This safe is a beast and nobody is getting into this bad boy!! Get the white glove delivery. Trust me you won't be able to move this thing you need professionals!! Overall amazing safe that will last a lifetime.

Posted: 07/09/2014

Reviewer: Customer


Exactly what I was hoping the safe would be.

Posted: 05/07/2014

Reviewer: Customer


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