SafeandVaultStore TL15SG-5 TL-15 High Security Burglar Fire Safe

Model: TL15SG-5

Outside: 61.00" H x 30.00" W x 28.00" D
Inside: 55.00" H x 24.00" W x 20.00" D
Interior Cubic Feet: 15.28
Weight: 2,685.00
Burglar Rating: TL-15
Fire Rating: 2 Hours

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Product Info

SafeandVaultStore TL15SG-5 TL-15 High Security Burglar Fire Safe

Steel Guard U.L. Listed TL-15 Safes

Underwriters Laboratories is an independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing standards for safety for more than a century. The "TL" designation set by U.L. stands for "Tool Latency," meaning a particular safe model can withstand a burglary attack by a safe expert employing commonly used hand held burglary tools, such as drills, hammers, wedges, picks, grinders, punches, and screwdrivers for a certain number of minutes - 15 in the case of a TL-15. Typically, safes are either burglary OR fire resistant - SafeandVaultStore's TL-15 models offer superb defense against both burglary and fire.

U.L testing does not take into account the time it takes a burglar to break into a building, find the safe, set up and change tools. Testing also doesn't take into account  the stealth which a burglar must use to avoid detection. U.L typically has more knowledge, better tools, more freedom, and no stress of being caught and going to prison. Under realistic circumstances, a properly installed TL-15 would likely perform much better than in a U.L setting.


  • Overall thickness of 5-1/4" and constructed with a 2-1/2" defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates creating a single structure enclosing a unique, high density fire and burglary resistant composite material.
  • The SafeandVaultStore safe body has a total protective thickness of 3-1/4" enclosed in a high density fire resistant composite material with a proprietary anti-penetration interior steel profile.
  • A reinforced drill resistant door frame protects the door and each individual bolt chamber from severe side attacks.
  • A proprietary inner barrier protects against peeling attacks.
  • High strength adjustable shelves.
  • Fabricated from high strength steel with precision machined alloy dowel pins.
  • Oil impregnated bronze bearing assures easy opening doors and reduced maintenance.
  • Vertical height adjustment.
  • U.L listed Group II key changeable combination lock, with relock and 1 million possible combinations.
  • Additional spring loaded re locking device, activated by punching attack.
  • Locks and re locks protected by a large proprietary drill shattering composite hard plate.
  • A handle activated locking mechanism consisting of two 1-1/2" solid steel chrome plated locking bolts.
  • (3) Three Adjustable Shelves.
  • Weight: 2685 lbs
  • Shelves: 3
  • Cubic Feet: 15.28

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