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AMSEC CE2518 AMVAULT TL-15 Fire Rated High Security Jewelry Safe with Four Drawer Cabinet

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Safe Hightlights:

  • Model: CE2518 Jewelry
  • Outside: 32.00" H X 25.00" W X 25.50" D
  • Inside: 25.00" H X 18.00" W X 16.00" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 4.17
  • Weight: 1142
  • Burglar Rating: TL-15 Learn More
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours

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AMSEC CE2518 AMVAULT TL-15 Fire Rated High Security Jewelry Safe with Four Drawer Cabinet


Are you looking to safeguard your valuable jewelry in the utmost secure manner? Look at the AMSEC CE2518 AMVAULT TL-15 Fire Rated High-Security Jewelry Safe with a Four-Drawer Jewelry Cabinet. This exceptional high-security safe is designed to protect your precious jewelry from theft and fire, making it a top choice for anyone who treasures their valuable possessions. 

Jewelry Storage with Unmatched Convenience:

Inside the safe, you will find a four-drawer jewelry cabinet that is an ingenious storage solution to keep your precious jewelry organized and accessible. The top drawer features a three-compartment ring organizer and a seven-compartment jewelry organizer. The second drawer has a three-compartment necklace organizer. The third drawer is equipped with a four-compartment watch organizer. The fourth and final drawer provides space for larger items or additional Stor-It Jewelry Organizer inserts for customized storage. 

Unparalleled Burglary and Fire Resistance:

The AMSEC CE2518 High-Security Composite Jewelry Safe is the epitome of protection. It's part of an esteemed series of safes featuring a U.L. TL-15 Burglar Rating. Rigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratory subjected these AMVAULT composite safes to extreme conditions, including attacks by seasoned U.L. experts wielding formidable tools like sledgehammers, power saws, carbide disc cutters, drills, and more. These safes emerged unscathed in every instance, earning them the coveted U.L. TL-15 label. 

Not stopping at burglary resistance, this safe offers a Two-Hour 350-degree F factory fire test certification, protecting your jewelry even in the face of intense fires.

Customization Options:

The AMSEC CE2518 AMVAULT Composite High Security Jewelry Safe offers a range of custom features to enhance security and user convenience. Choose from upgraded lock options, custom safe colors, and even choose what size your hinges come on. 

 When securing your jewelry with the utmost protection, the AMSEC CE2518 AMVAULT TL-15 Fire-Rated High Security Jewelry Safe is the ultimate choice. Don't compromise on security for your cherished jewelry; opt for this remarkable safe to experience peace of mind and unmatched security. 



  • The overall thickness is 5-3/4" and is constructed with a 2-3/4" defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates, creating a single structure enclosing a unique, high-density fire and burglary-resistant composite material.
  • Defense barrier houses a proprietary amalgamation of nuggets and steel fibers to withstand concentrated attacks with the most sophisticated equipment burglars use today.
  • The Amvault TL-15 offers a massive solid steel hard plate covering the entire door.


  • The Amvault-formed body has a total protective thickness of 3-1/2", enclosing a high-density fire-resistant composite material with nuggets and steel fibers.
  • A reinforced drill-resistant door frame protects the door and each bolt chamber from severe side attacks.
  • A proprietary inner barrier protects against peeling attacks.
  • Anchor Holes (recessed) and a 1/2" anchor bolt kit are now standard on AMVAULT CE models. The CE2518 comes standard with two anchor holes.

Fire Endurance:

  • Two-hour, 350 F factory fire rating. Tested at temperatures up to 1850 F

Locking Mechanism:

  • Equipped with six massive 1-1/2" diameter chrome-plated solid steel locking bolts. Each bolt moves deep into the body's protected bolt chambers.
  • The entire boltwork mechanism is also protected by a spring-operated boltwork detent system. Bolts stay in the retracted position when the door is opened and automatically engage when the door is closed.


  • Equipped with a U.L. listed Group II key changeable combination lock. The lock is protected by a massive drill-shattering hard plate and two additional spring-loaded devices.


  • It offers a vertical height adjustment and utilizes an oil-impregnated bearing, ensuring easy door operation.

Stor-It Four Drawer Storage Cabinets & Necklace Hanger:

  • Top Drawer 1 - 1.25" H x 12.50" W x 12.00" D - Includes a Three Compartment Ring Organizer and a Seven Compartment Jewelry Organizer
  • Drawer 2 - 1.25" H x 12.50" W x 12.00" D - Includes a Three Compartment Necklace Organizer
  • Drawer 3 - 3.25" H x 12.50" W x 12.00" D - Includes a Four Compartment Watch Organizer
  • Drawer 4 - 3.25" H x 12.50" W x 12.00" D - is left open for easy access of large, bulky items or stack additional Stor-It Jewelry Organizer inserts
  • Stor-It Jewelry Organizers can be purchased separately and stacked together to accommodate all your storage needs.

Color Options:

  • Standard textured finishes - Charcoal Gray, Black Textured, Sandstone Textured, Parchment, or Granite Textured.
  • High Gloss Upgrade - Onyx, Platinum Metallic, Charcoal Metallic, Peral Essence, Sapphire Blue, Burnt Orange, or Lazer Red.

Hardware - 3-Spoke Handle:

  • Chrome

Lock Options:

  • UL Listed Mechanical Dial Combination Lock (Standard)
  • Key Locking Dial (Upgrade)
  • ESL10 Digital Electronic Lock (Upgrade)
  • ESL20 Multi-User Digital Electronic Lock (Upgrade)
  • LP Redundant Lock (Dial Combo and Electronic) UL Listed (Upgrade)
  • S&G  UL Listed Group 1R High Security Lock (Upgrade)
  • S&G UL Listed Group 1 High Security Lock (Upgrade)

Door Swing:

  • Hinges on the right (Standard)
  • Hinges on the left (Standard)

The AMSEC AMVAULT High-Security Composite Jewelry Safes have passed the Underwriter's Laboratory's most recent testing procedures, ensuring you today's best protection. AMVAULT TL-15 U.L. listed composite safes qualify for Merchantile & Broadform Insurance Class ER (TL-15) with a Bank Rating of BR (TL-15). Two Hour Class 350 F manufacturers' fire label.

Signifies a combination-locked safe designed to offer limited protection against attack by common mechanical and electrical hand tools and any combination of these means.

Construction Requirements:

  • U.L. listed Group II, 1, or 1R combination lock.
  • 750 lbs. minimum or comes with instructions for anchoring in a larger safe, concrete blocks, or on the premises where used.
  • Body walls of material equivalent to at least 1" open hearth steel with a maximum tensile strength of 50,000 P.S.I.
  • Walls fastened in a manner equivalent to continuous 1/4" penetration weld of open hearth steel with minimum tensile strength of 50,000 P.S.I.

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