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Watch the Hayman FS4000B Polyethylene Floor Safe Video
Hayman FS4000B Polyethylene Floor Safe

Our patented "Poly" safe represents the most dramatic design innovation ever for in-floor safes. This safe provides features never before dreamed of, such as; storage shelves, a filing system and a false floor. When an in-floor safe is what you need, this is the one you want.

Watch the Gun Safes Video with Dye the Safe Guy Video
Gun Safes Video with Dye the Safe Guy

So you want to buy a gun safe to store your guns and all your valuables in right? No! Gun safes are primarily engineered and designed for guns and some valuables. I'm going to show you the difference in a really high quality gun safe here and some of the medium and lower end type gun safes that are on the market today.

A Basic Overview of Home Safes

Safes were developed to protect valuables from being destroyed in a fire or other natural disaster, or stolen during a burglary. Home safes can be locked and provide much greater security than simply placing the valuables in a "safe place," which may actually turn out to not be safe, from any threats to security.

Home safes are used for a variety of reasons. The two main types of home safes are those which protect against theft, and those which protect against fire - fire resistant safes. Many provide protection from both theft and fire. Most safes come with a secure lock, therefore providing some protection against burglary. However, safes have been around for a long time and many...

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A Safe for Everything, and Everything in its Safe

Safes have protected personal property and valuables for centuries with good reason—they work. At SafeandVaultStore we offer the finest in property protection, whether you're looking for a gun safe, a wall safe, a portable cash box, or a standalone vault.

The Ultimate Theft Deterrent

Even an amateur burglar can gain entry to a home or business with relatively little effort. Imagine the same thief confronted with a home safe. Faced with such secure protection, he's likely to move on to other, easier targets. And presuming our hypothetical criminal has experience with safes, they can still be defeated by a well-made safe with biometric or fingerprint protection.

Fire and Natural Disaster

We offer a wide range of security products designed to protect against the elements as well as criminals. Fire, hurricanes, and other disasters are, in many parts of the country, more of a danger to sensitive documents and delicate valuables than theft. Protect yourself with a fireproof safe.

Security and the Gun Safe

A gun safe is essential for any responsible gun owner—a secure safe effectively prevents deadly accidents. A small gun safe, hidden in the bedroom, provides easy access to handguns during an emergency while keeping the weapon itself secure. At SafeandVaultStore we also offer larger gun safes in all sizes, from standard gun cabinets to tactical under the bed models.

Business Options

Businesses have special security requirements, as everything from computer backups to ready cash and accounts receivable needs protecting. Whether your business requires a subtle, hidden wall safe , teller lockers, or fire filing cabinets, we provide well-built, reliable business protection.

Custom Safes and More

Customers often have unique needs, which don't always match with standard safes. Perhaps you need an unusually wide wall safe, or a safe specially designed for your gun collection. SafeandVaultStore offers custom built and specialty safes to fit your needs. Call us today at 1-800-207-2259 for a free evaluation and quote.

Safes, while effective, offer only one type of security. SafeandVaultStore offers an extensive range of CCTV and security cameras, access control devices, secure mailboxes, and more.

Free Shipping

Most safe providers only offer free shipping on items weighing less than 150 pounds. While this may be sufficient for a wall safe, a larger safe easily exceeds the competition's weight limit. We offer free shipping on all items, up to and including the heaviest of vaults.

Free shipping, competitive prices, and knowledgeable staff make SafeandVaultStore a leader in the security field. SafeandVaultStore: All over the world it is a safe name.