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Luxe Safes JG4124 Jewel Guard Luxury Jewelry & Watch Safe

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Safe Hightlights:

  • Model: JG4124
  • Outside: 41.50" H x 24.75" W x 24.00" D
  • Weight: 450
  • Burglar Rating: B-Rate Learn More

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Luxe Safes JG4124 Jewel Guard Luxury Jewelry & Watch Safe

What makes this Luxury Jewelry Safe worth the money? What distinguishes Luxe Safes from all other safe companies is the way they manufacture. These safes are not mass-produced basic models that sell cheap for high volume. Instead, they work with high-end residential architects, designers, and builders to build the perfect safe to satisfy your taste, storage, and security requirements. 

The Luxe Safes JG4124 Jewel Guard Luxury Jewelry & Watch Safe is an exquisite security solution designed for the discerning high-send luxury buyer and watch collector passionate about jewelry and watches. Impeccably crafted and boasting impressive features, this safe epitomizes elegance and security, ensuring your treasured jewelry collection remains protected and beautifully displayed.

Regarding security, the Jewel Guard leaves no room for compromise. Its 1/2" steel pry-resistant door and its 1/4" solid steel body offer unparalleled strength and durability. With the B-Rated Burglar Protection, you can rest assured that your valuable jewelry is safeguarded against unauthorized access.

To further fortify its defenses, this safe incorporates advanced security features. A spring-loaded relocking service is triggered by any punching attack, instantly enhancing resistance to forced entry attempts. The locks and relockers are shielded by a large carburized hard plate, ensuring optimal protection. The handle-activated locking mechanism and 1" chrome steel locking bolts ensure a secure closure. The solid steel full-length dead bar prevents door removal, even if the hinges are compromised.

The Jewel Guard's adjustable ball bearing hinges and body reinforcing frame adds an extra layer of security. The frame creates an appearance of 1" thick walls, deterring potential attacks. A UL-listed high-security digital lock keeps your jewelry safe while providing convenient access for authorized users.

To complement your aesthetic vision, the Luxe Safes JG4124 Jewel Guard Luxury Jewelry and Watch Safe is painted in a high gloss white pearl essence exterior. It features a white maple hardwood jewelry interior with eight jewelry drawers and two vertical necklace drawers. Inside each drawer is a platinum ultra-suede lined custom jewelry trays with polished chrome drawer pulls. There is also a white maple watch panel with eight Orbita watch winders. The outside dimensions are 41.50" high by 24.75" wide and 24.00" deep. The safe weighs 450 pounds.

Custom options include textured or high-gloss paint finishes in various colors, exotic wood jewelry interiors, drawer configurations, right or left-hand swing options, and more. The Jewel Guard can be equipped with watch winders for the passionate watch collector, ensuring your timepieces are kept in perfect condition while stored. Call us at 800-207-2259 for these custom options.

Elevate your jewelry storage experience with the Luxe Safes JG4124 Jewel Guard Luxury Jewelry & Watch Safe. Impeccable craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and unmatched security offer the ultimate haven for your precious jewelry collection. 

Security Features:

  • 1/2" steel pry-resistant recessed door
  • 1/4" solid steel body
  • B-Rated Burglar Protection
  • Spring loaded relocking device activated by punching attack
  • Locks and relockers are protected by a large carburized hard plate
  • A handle-activated locking mechanism with 1" chrome steel locking bolts
  • Solid steel full-length dead bar prevents door removal if hinges are removed during a forced entry attempt
  • Adjustable ball-bearing hinges
  • Body reinforcing frame gives the appearance of 1" thick walls to discourage attack
  • UL listed high-security digital lock


  • Lux Safes Jewel Guard Jewelry & Watch Safe
  • White Model JG4124
  • Outside Dimensions: 41.50" H x 24.75" W x 24.00" D
  • Weight: 450 Pounds
  • High Gloss White Pearl Essence Exterior
  • White Maple Hardwood Jewelry Interior with Eight Jewelry Drawers and Two Vertical Necklace Drawers
  • Platinum Ultra-Suede Lined Custom Jewelry Trays
  • White Maple Watch Panel with Eight Orbita Watch Winders
  • Polished chrome drawer pulls
  • The open space above the drawers is about 4"

Additional Options:

  • Exotic wood jewelry interior
  • Choice of drawer configurations
  • Removable jewelry trays
  • Textured or high gloss paint finish
  • Custom Colors
  • Right or left swing door
  •  Watch winders
  • Interior lighting

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