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Hayman MagnaVault TL-30 Burglar Fire Rated Safes Video

Hi, Dye Hawley Manager of Safe & Vault Store here today to talk to you about the Hayman MV30 TL-30 High-Security Burglar Fire Safe. This safe has some fantastic features. In addition to having a 2-hour fire rating, it also has the Underwriters Lab TL-30 burglar rating. So what's that mean? In real terms, it means that the safe has passed one of the most stringent burglar tests in the world. Hayman has submitted it to the Underwrites Laboratory, paid a lot of money, and their entire line has been certified as a TL-30 safe. Typically TL-30 safes you can store upwards of $300,000 - $450,000 of valuables and ensure the same through your business or home insurance.

4 MV30 Models to Choose From

The MV30's run anywhere from 4.2 cubic feet on up to 24.50 cubic feet. They have 4 really great models. Another interesting feature about this product is that you can add a second lock here. So you'll have dual locks for dual custody. This is important for jewelry stores, banks, credit unions and pawn shops so they can use one lock to open and close the door throughout the day and not have to run the combination. You can also get digital electronic lock options on this safe as well.

Made in the USA

Let's take a look at the inside. This safe has massive 1-1/2" diameter bolts. It also has a 7 coat paint job. It's beautiful! They all have adjustable shelves. Another great thing about the Hayman MV30 series of TL-30 burglar fire safes; they are all made right here in the United States of America.

TL-30 Burglar Protection

Here's one of the things that sets these safes apart from other TL-30 safes. Hayman has a proprietary mix of steel, concrete and exotic materials that go in between the inner and outer layers of metal to thwart a burglar attack. In addition, what they've done is they've put hard plate (manganese hard plate) 1/4" to prevent side drilling in the sides where a lot of burglars will try to drill in and punch the bolts out so that they can gain entry to the safe. As a standard, Hayman has a glass relocker. This relocker is in front of the lock body and protects the mounting bolts. Another way that burglars try to gain entry is drilling the mounting bolts out. The glass relocker is under tension. It's attached to the spring loaded relocker in the lock body. If someone tries to drill here, it breaks the glass and the relocker fires and the bolts will not retract. So therefore making it even harder to gain entry into this safe. Finally Hayman uses a very heavy duty finial handle and a 5 spoke handle as well for years of trouble free operation. The Hayman Safe MV30 is a fantastic choice for a TL-30 High Security Safe. The pricing is very very good. For more information, give us a call at 800-207-2259  or visit our website at www.safeandvaultstore.com. Thanks for listening.