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Cash Boxes

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Cash Boxes and Lock Boxes are used for temporary storage of cash during the day. Made of steel, these lock boxes are not used for overnight storage of cash unless you put the box inside a more secure safe. Typical uses are storage of petty cash, teller or wait person start-up cash and for retail over-the-counter sales.

Looking for a secure box to protect your cash? Many cash boxes on the market are made of thin sheet metal that can be pried open in a matter of minutes with brute force. Keep in mind that most of them are meant to be kept in an area that is not visible. Because of the lightweight nature of cash boxes they can easily be stolen and taken to another location where the thief will have all the time they need to break into them. What you want is something that is going to provide a temporary storage need that is durable and secure enough to store small amounts of cash.

Some of our Sentry and First Alert lock boxes come with mounting screws and brackets to mount to a counter or wall to make it more secure and less likely to be stolen. They can come with your choice of money trays, or key holders to suit the specific needs of your business. You can rest assured that our cash boxes will offer you the peace of mind you are after.