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Cell Phone Lockers

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Cell phone lockers are ideal for health clubs, office buildings, high security locations, hospitals and other applications. They are available in a variety of configurations and sizes. Cell phone lockers are available with or without front access panels. Other features include 4 different color selections, surface mounted or recessed mounted, and enclosures / pedestals. We can also do optional see-through plexiglass windows and optional door slots. Units include plastic cardholders for door identification. 

Our cell phone lockers can be master keyed, come with resettable combination locks or come with optional combination padlocks with built-in hasps


Cell Phone Lockers Are Becoming more Necessary 

In today’s digital world, we rely on our cell phones more than ever before. From navigation apps to personal communications, it’s likely that you feel incomplete without your phone in your hand.

However, there are many situations where it isn’t appropriate or advisable to carry around your cell phone on your person. In office settings, workplaces with heightened security (including U.S. military zones and government buildings), schools, and even fitness centers, permanent staff and visitors need a safe location where they can store these electronic devices. 

Lockers are Great for Work, Gyms and Other Public Places 

Cell phone lockers for workplaces and other locations can solve this problem. These cell phone storage lockers can securely house dozens of mobile devices, as well as other personal items like cameras, wallets, keys, and various valuables. When you invest in cell phone lockers with combination locks, you’ll be able to empower each user to keep their possessions safe with either a fixed or resettable code. 

Available in a wide array of sizes and configurations, these cell phone lockers with keys will allow you to override combinations (in case of a forgotten lock combination code or other user errors) while still ensuring the security of these personal devices. You can easily obtain an attractive and protective mobile phone locker for offices, schools, hospitals, government agencies, and other workplaces that require high levels of security or that necessitate visitors and employees to keep their electronic devices out of sight. 

Whether you’re in search of small lockers for mobile phones or you need a simple way for employees or frequent visitors to keep personal possessions locked away, our variety of cell phone lockers can address your security needs. It’s never been easier to install added protection in your facility -- and with this one addition, you can provide valuable peace of mind for everyone who walks through your doors.

Protect your Patrons, Employees and Yourself with Cell Phone Lockers

When you invest in cell phone lockers, you’ll no longer need to worry about digital security concerns, theft, or loss of employee productivity. We’ll help you find the right mobile phone lockers for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about capacity, finishes, additional features, and more.