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Fireproof Wall Safes

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Fireproof wall safes are one of the most secure ways to protect your valuables

They offer protection from fire and prying eyes, so you can be confident your belongings are safe. Whether you're looking for a safe in your home or business, fireproof wall safes are an excellent choice.

They are are designed for installation between 16" on center wall studs. These types of wall safes need 12" - 15" of depth behind the wall for proper installation. One hour fire rated is the most common. These have fire material in-between the steel panels. This is to protect your valuables and documents from a fire. For more extensive understanding of fire ratings, give us a call or click here.

The right help from the right company will make installation easy. It can also make sure you get the right product for your needs. is here to help you choose the right product for your home or office!

If you are interested in purchasing or have any questions, give us a call today at 800-207-2259!

What companies make the best fireproof wall safes?

Two of the best brands we offer, AMSEC and Gardall, both make high-quality products. There are other brands as well, but not many. Be sure to talk to a sales person to ensure that the safe will meet your expectations.

Why hide a fireproof safe?

Hidden wall safes are an excellent way to hide valuables in a home or business. They can be installed in any part of the house and are nearly impossible to find without knowing where they are hidden. Hidden wall safes can be placed behind a picture frame, under a shelf, or between the studs in your walls.

If you have any questions about installing a hidden wall safe, contact us today!

Is it best to install a fireproof wall safe between studs?

There is no definitive answer. The best location depends on the specific circumstances. But, installing it between studs is generally considered to be a good idea. It will help to protect the safe from damage in the event of a fire.

Where is the best place to put a fireproof wall safe?

The best place to put a fireproof safe is in a cool, dry place where the ground is secure.

Are there Fire Ratings on Fireproof Safes?

Yes, there are fire ratings. These ratings are based upon the thickness of the safe's door, walls and floor. Fireproof safes can be rated for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 2 hours. The higher the fire rating, the more protection your contents will have from a fire.

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) test safes to see how fireproof they are. The UL rates based on two things—the maximum temperature the safe can be on the inside and how long the it can keep that temperature.