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Fireproof Wall Safes

Fireproof wall safes are designed to be installed in-between 16" on center wall studs. These types of fireproof wall safes require 12" - 15" of depth behind the wall for proper installation. They are typically one hour fire rated and have fire material in-between the steel sides and door. This is to protect your valuables as well as documents from a fire. These fire rated wall safes are very easy to install and come with installation instructions. They come with either a dial combination lock or a digital electronic lock.

AMSEC and Gardall both make a fireproof wall safe and are some of the only brands that make this type of safe.

If you are interested in purchasing a fireproof wall safe or have any questions, please give us a call today at 800-207-2259!

For a safe that fits between 4" or 6" deep walls, you can find a large selection of .