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Gun Wall Armory Kits

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Safe & Vault Store makes it easy to build your own gun wall or room with the SecureIt Tactical and Tactical Walls Gun Wall Armory Kits, designed to provide the ultimate solution for organizing and protecting your firearms.

We Understand the Importance of Keeping Firearms Safe, Organized, and Secure

Our selection of Gun Wall Armory Kits come in different sizes, allowing you to create a custom gun wall that fits the size of your room and your collection. Whether you have a small collection of handguns or a larger collection of rifles and gear, our kits are designed to accommodate any firearms; you can also expand your current setup with additional kits and accessories. 

These kits are easy to install and have detailed instructions to make the process simple and hassle-free. And with our wide range of colors, you can create a gun wall that secures your firearms and matches your décor. Each kit includes everything you need to create a custom gun wall, including steel construction panels, brackets, and hardware. 

Here are some benefits of constructing a gun room or wall:

  • Customizable storage options that can meet specific needs and requirements
  • An extra layer of protection from potential fire or flood damage
  • A dedicated space for your gun collection and gear
  • Increased accessibility and organization
  • Potential to create a space for firearm-related hobbies and activities, like target shooting or reloading, in addition to storage.

Bring the Same Level of Organization to your Jeep: Tactical Walls VMod Packages for Jeep Models

The Tactical Walls VMod Packages are the perfect solution for adding functional and stylish storage to your Jeep JL, JK, Rubicon, and FJ Cruiser models. These packages offer durable options to hold extra firearms, work tools, or outdoor adventure essentials. 


We have everything you will need to keep your firearms safe and organized.

At Safe and Vault Store, we pride ourselves in providing top-quality products and excellent customer service. In addition to our Gun Wall Armory Kits, we also offer a wide selection of other gun safes, cabinets, and cases to meet your specific storage needs.

Please call us at 800-207-2259 if you have any questions regarding Gun Wall Armory Kits; we have trained professionals here to help you!

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