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Why Choose A Biometric Safe?

Biometric safes, also known as fingerprint safes are designed for quick access when you need to get to your items in a hurry. With a biometric fingerprint safe, you no longer need to remember a combination or carry a key. Everything you need is right at your fingertips! The safes we carry have high quality fingerprint readers so that you will always have quick access to your items. Whether you are looking to store handguns or just some valuables, we carry a variety of biometric safes that are highly dependable and will fit your needs.  

Not only do you not need to carry a key, or remember a combination, but no one else runs the risk of finding out your combination, or gaining access to your key. Fingerprints are nearly unique, with Francis Galton once having determined the odds of finding two people with identical prints to be one in 65 billion - more people than are currently living on earth. While no fingerprint scanner is perfect, this is still far more secure than a typical combination safe, which will have no more than one million possible combinations. (Also, unlike numbers, even the most determined safecracker would have a hard time trying every possible fingerprint)

But not every biometric fingerprint safe is the same. Many of these types of safes on the market have a low quality reader that has a high false read rate. Any time you get a cut on your finger or it gets dirty, these type of readers will not work well. We have selected a list of manufacturers and products that only offer high quality readers. This way you know that you will have quick access to your handguns or valuable items. When your life is at risk, you want to be assured that you can get to your handgun quickly. With our selection, you will have peace of mind that your fingerprint will read right away, giving you that quick access you desire.

The other benefit of a Biometric Safe is that you do not have to remember a combination or carry around a key. All you need is your fingerprint and the safe will open. Are you worried that the lock will fail or the batteries will die? Most of these safes have a backup key in case of this situation -- which you can keep in a safe deposit box or another safe place, since you’ll only need it in these emergency cases. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can program several fingerprints into the lock. If you do happen to get a cut on your finger, you can just try another finger to gain access to your items.

Because there are so many biometric safes on the market there are sure to be ones that will fit the degree of security you are looking for and not cost an arm and a leg. Call us today at 800-207-2259 and we will find you the perfect match.