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Tidel Smart Safes

Tidel Smart Safes offers an innovative solution tailored to meet the needs of retail store owners looking to streamline cash management and drive significant savings. These state-of-the-art safes are designed to automate essential cash-handling tasks, reducing common business challenges such as counting errors, internal theft, and employee labor costs.


What sets Tidel apart is its compatibility with a wide range of cash management peripherals, making it a versatile solution suitable for various industries. Whether you run a convenience store, restaurant, or any business that deals with cash, Tidel Smart Safes can be seamlessly integrated into your operations.


The Tidel Smart Safe family offers three models - the D3, D4, and the D4e - each designed to cater to your business requirements. With tailored solutions for bill counting, deposit functions, and even bill dispensing, you can choose the model that aligns perfectly with your cash management needs.


Ready to revolutionize your approach to cash management? Discover which Tidel Smart Safe model suits your business best and start saving money while enhancing security and efficiency.

Tidel Smart Safes

The Tidel D3 Cash Management Smart Safe is an excellent solution for businesses handling low to moderate cash volumes, prioritizing security and transparency in daily cash deposits. Minimizing manual cash handling enhances protection, accountability, and risk management, allowing employees to focus on essential tasks.


Equipped with a robust software suite, it offers a complete cash management application, ensuring meticulous record-keeping of all system activities. The D3 includes features like single and bulk note feeders, options for 1,200 or 2,200 cassettes, a 7" color touch screen, an integrated printer, and customizable storage options, setting it apart for its efficiency and cost-effective serviceability.


The Tidel D4 Cash Management Smart Safe offers an efficient and secure solution for cash handling. Tailored to prioritize safeguarding against counterfeit bills and efficiently managing larger denominations, it ensures a seamless cash management experience.


With easy serviceability, a user-friendly 7" color screen, an integrated printer, a Tube Vend option, and versatile upgrade options, the D4 integrates seamlessly into your business setup. It optimizes cash flow management by offering enhanced control and various validator and cassette configurations.


Tidel TACC VI Cash Dispensing Safe (TACC 6)

The Tidel D4e Cash Management Smart Safe seamlessly integrates with an extensive array of Tidel expansion peripherals. These include coin recycling systems and versatile dispensing options for notes, coins, and rolled coins, along with additional storage and scalable note deposit systems. This comprehensive compatibility makes it the optimal and economically efficient choice for retail organizations seeking a fully integrated system capable of tackling various cash management needs.


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