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Diversion Safes

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Diversion Safes: Hide Your Valuables in Plain Sight

Safeandvaultstore offers a variety of diversion safes designed to discreetly store your valuables, such as keys, wallets, jewelry, guns, and other small items out of plain sight. Diversion safes resemble ordinary household items, such as books, clocks, mirrors, or picture frames. However, unlike everyday household items, diversion safes offer a hidden storage compartment to conceal and secure valuables.

Why choose a diversion safe (hidden safe)?

Diversion safes can dramatically increase the protection of your valuables by adding a layer of stealth to your home security plan. Most burglars spend less than six minutes inside a victim's home, so the best way to ensure your valuables stay safe is to make them hard to find. A thief in a rush is unlikely to assume an average household item such as a clock or mirror contains your jewelry, money, firearm, keys, etc.

Diversion Safes keep your valuables;

  • Secure
  • Hidden
  • Within reach

Why buy a diversion safe from

We have the perfect diversion safe for you, no matter what size you need, whether for your home, office or as a gift for any occasion! You will find high-quality diversion safes at competitive prices, FREE SHIPPING, and we sell products from only the top-rated diversion safe manufacturers on the market, such as;

  • Barska Safes
  • Lockdown
  • Safe&VaultStore
  • Tactical Walls

Need help finding the right diversion safe? Our safe professionals have decades of industry experience and enjoy communicating with our customers. Please contact us via chat,email, or call at 800-207-2259.


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