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Safe & Vault Store has many accessories for your safes and gun safes including electronic dehumidifiers, Hydorsorbent silica gel dehumidifiers, light kits, pistol racks, Browning accessories, gun racks, jewelry trays, door organizers, gun socks, drawer cabinets and more.

We also carry many brands of safe locks including Lagard, Sargeant & Greenleaf, Securam and more. If there is a lock that you are interested in that you don't see here, please give us a call at 800-207-2259. 

For those that have Tidel machines, we have dipsticks, tubes and other Tidel accessories. 

Click one of the categories below to find an accessory for your safe, gun safe or Tidel machine.

Browning Accessories Dehumidifiers & Desiccants Gun Safe Accessories Safe Locks Tidel Accessories

Safe accessories are a great way to organize and personalize your safe. They can create extra storage by adding specialized shelves or racks that take up the dead space inside and turn it into secure storage space. Other options add a great deal of ease of use to your safe such as outside and inside lights.

Dehumidifiers are a must for any safe owner because they help regulate moisture inside the safe. Extra moisture can speed up rusting and ruin your guns a lot faster. Having a simple dehumidifier will keep them from rusting and help protect them longer. They also prevent mold from growing (mold requires moisture) which will help keep your safe clean.

We have everything you will need to keep your safe organized and clean. Please give us a call at 800-207-2259 if you have any questions regarding any accessories you see here. We have trained professionals here to help you.