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Coin and Currency Counters

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Coin & Currency Counters makes cash handling easy. Cash Counters take the work out of hand counting cash tills. This saves time and money when it comes to having to double check your work to make sure the count is right. Whether you use it once a week or once an hour, increased efficiency and accuracy in balancing your tills and deposits make these machines a priceless addition to any business or financial institution.

The general rule in most businesses that handle cash tills is count twice for honesty, three times for accuracy. Many businesses are just like banks and go the extra mile using two or more employees to count cash tills together down to the penny every day. This practice can sometimes take a couple of hours if there are discrepancies. Our coin and currency counters solve this problem by efficiently and quickly counting coin and bills. We even offer some machines that can detect a fake note. Employees do not have the time to thoroughly inspect each bill as they are counting the tills. Our machines can do this at a lightning fast speed of up to 1500 bills per minute depending on the machine.

An investment into these machines will actually save you money on your overhead. If you are looking at ways you can keep your employees from making counting errors and to keep them focused on more important tasks, look into purchasing a coin and currency counter.

A machine with a good error detection system is important. Most manufacturers will tell you whether or not they include error detection in their machines. Note that some companies will tell you how great their machine is at counting, separating and organizing money and coins, but what they will not say is if their machine is able to detect a false bill. One fake bill will throw the whole count off which defeats the purpose of a counter. You want to make sure that you are getting one with a high degree of error detection. Some machines can count as high as 1500 bills per minute, while others offer a wide range of counting speeds. Some machines offer what’s called an “advanced screening” to guard against double bills getting counted as one bill. If a machine has a variable count speed setting then it is also important to know the higher the speed the more likely it is to count two bills stuck together. The perfect cash machine will have a good false bill detection, advanced screening and moderate speed level. Be sure to call us today if you have any questions about coin and currency counters.