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Please click one of the icons below to select the style of depository safe you are interested in. We have a large selection of front loading deposit safes, rear loading deposit safes, rotary hopper deposit safes and through the wall drop safes.

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A depository safe is a short-term cash protection system used by businesses to protect deposits from theft. Also known as a drop safe or drop box, the safe includes a hopper. Employees drop deposits made during the day through the hopper into the protected safe. At the end of the day, deposits are collected, tallied, and transported to the bank. 

Who Uses Depository Safes?
Drop boxes are used by many businesses. Convenience stores, point of sale applications, hotels, motels, bars, and restaurants may all use drop boxes. An apartment manager may use a drop safe to collect rent payments. Churches sometimes use drop boxes to safeguard Sunday collections until banks open on Monday.

Choosing a Drop Safe
A depository safe should be well-constructed, with a burglar rating of B. A B-Rating means the safe has a steel wall depth of at least 1/8-inch and a 1/2-inch steel door. The safe should have 4 floor bolts. Bolting the safe to the floor is highly recommended as doing so lowers the risk of thieves carrying off the entire safe.

The hopper protects against determined thieves trying to access safe contents. A jagged-tooth hopper edge prevents thieves from reaching a hand into the hopper, or "fishing" for cash with a wire coated with stickum. A narrow hopper also prevents access.

Types of Depository Safes
Drop boxes come in four different types. Front-loading drop safes, the most popular type of depository safe, have a hopper at the front, so employees can easily drop packages into the secured chamber. A rear-loading drop safe's hopper goes through a wall, with the safe itself secured in a locked room. Rotary drop boxes have a large drum at the top, and are designed for large packages. Through the wall drop safes are used for those that want to secure the safe in a room but still allow access to make drops.

Many drop boxes have single doors and fit under counters, while some have two doors, one for cash trays and a second for deposits. For added security, a depository box may include a special key-locked internal compartment.

Drop safes are a short-term anti-theft device, and are not intended as a permanent storage area for valuables. As a short-term solution for safe, secure storage, however, a depository safe is an excellent solution.

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