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Here at the Safe & Vault Store, it's our responsibility to make sure you're getting fully secure, high quality products so you can keep all your valuable items locked away until you decide to access them again.

Countless Options to Choose From

From sturdy wall safes to custom locks for your gun, we have everything you could ever imagine to improve your property security at home or at the office. Our wall safes range from small models designed for jewelry or handguns, to fireproof documents and cash, and all the way up to lockers that can fit full-sized rifles (and anything else you want to keep protected).

Wall safes are excellent for keeping valuable items hidden and secure inside the home or office. There are dozens of different products you can choose from, some of them featuring adjustable depths for custom installations which can add even more security. While any of these will protect your valuables, if it’s in a safe you won’t be using every day, that isn’t in plain view of customers or guests, a concealable safe can provide yet another layer of security since any burglar would have tofind it before they can even begin to crack it!

If you need to keep just a few small valuable items secure, a four-inch wall safe should do. But if you need additional storage security, going for a 20-inch deep wall safe is your best bet. It's entirely up to you and your needs.

Each one of our safes is designed to protect against criminal burglars, and select models also provide some protection against fire damages. Also, you'll have the option to choose:

  • A key lock
  • A combination lock
  • A biometric lock
  • A digital keypad
  • All four lock options

It's important to work with a trusted local contractor after you have made your purchase, however, to ensure that yours is property installed between the studs in your home's walls.

Why us for your wall safe?

Our knowledgeable staff, along with competitive pricing and free shipping, makes for a sure-fire reason to contact Safe & Vault Store and find terrific products for all your storage and security needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-207-2259. Note: if you call after hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday), leave a voicemail message and we will return your call the following business day

Wall Safes FAQ

Will the wall safe fit between my studs?

Yes, most wall safes are designed to fit between 16” on center studs. Every manufacturer lists a different width; however, they are designed to fit a standard wall construction. If you have an odd size wall width, please call us at 800-207-2259 and we can quote a custom safe option that will fit between your studs.


Are wall safes fireproof?

Standard safes that are designed for a 4” or 6” wall depth will not be fireproof. Because of how thick the fire material must be to prevent the heat from getting inside, it is not possible with that size depth. Wall safes that are fireproof are typically 12-15” deep. You will need more room behind your wall.


What is the best wall safe?

Please check out our top 10 list of best wall safes.


Are wall safes secure?

The main benefit of a wall safe is that it is hidden in the wall behind a picture or mirror. If a burglar finds it and they have enough time, they may be able to cut or pry it out of the wall.


How can I hide my wall safe?

It is recommended that you hide your wall safe in a place a burglar will not check. The master bedroom closet may be the most convenient place, but it may also be the first place a burglar will check. A secondary bedroom closet or even a hallway with a mirror/picture over the top may be the best choice.


How to install a wall safe?

A: Watch this video on how to install your wall safe in 5 easy steps. This guide will go step by step in showing you how to install it properly.


What lock should I select for a wall safe?

This can be a personal preference. There are many different lock types including key lock, dial combination lock, digital lock, and even biometric locks. A key lock is easy to use but a key may get lost which can be a security risk. The dial combination lock is the most reliable, but you will not be able to change the combination yourself without a locksmith. The digital lock is the most convenient, but you will need to change batteries about once a year. A biometric lock will give you quick access. You also do not need to worry about anyone else having your fingerprint. Biometrics are still pretty new technology, so they are not always 100% reliable.


Can you get a wall safe with hinges on the left?

There are a few companies that make a left hand swing wall safe. A left hand swing means that the hinges are on the left hand side when you are looking at the safe from the outside. Shop our left handed wall safes.


I have metal studs; will the installation be the same as for wood studs?

You will not be able to bolt the safe to the studs if they are metal. Wall safes are designed to be bolted to a wood stud wall. You may be able to secure it to your metal studs in a different way.


Can I hang a picture frame or mirror to conceal my wall safe?

Yes if you purchase a wall safe that has a recessed door. This way the lock, handle and hinges do not stick out. Any picture or mirror should be able to fit right in front of it, keeping it hidden from plain sight.


Are wall safes waterproof?

No, wall safes are not watertight and are not waterproof. We recommend putting your items in zip lock bags or Tupperware containers if you want to keep them 100% waterproof. You can also buy a fire- and water-resistant bag to put your items inside. This bag sits inside the safe protecting your items. It comes in two different sizes. Both are designed to hold standard sheets of paper.


Is the shelf adjustable or removable in the wall safe?

The shelf inside a wall safe is typically fixed. This means they cannot be removed or adjusted. They are usually right in the center to help organize your contents. Some have a shelf that is removable but not adjustable.


Can I store a handgun inside a wall safe?

Yes, most wall safes are designed to hold a handgun. We recommend taking the inside dimensions and compare to your handgun. This way you can make sure it will fit before you buy it.



"We recommend that you have a professional contractor or general contractor install the safe between the studs in your home thereby assuring that you will have a professional neat clean job."

Dominic Schwebs

A home safe protects your valuables, but large, stand-alone safes take up significant amounts of space and send a clear message to criminals that you have something worth protecting. An in-wall safe fits neatly into the dead space between your walls and can be hidden safely out of sight.

The Right Size for Your Needs

This type of safe does require more installation than a standalone safe, but the extra effort pays dividends. Easily mountable, the safe is designed to fit between the wall's two-by-fours, which are normally spaced sixteen inches apart. The average product has a depth of 3 1/2 inches, so the back of the unit doesn't protrude through the other side of the wall. If the wall backs onto dead space, such as a closet, the safe can be significantly deeper.

Wall safe height varies but has more flexibility than the unit's depth and width. This allows you to choose a safe with multiple shelves, maximizing your storage space.

Hidden or in Plain Sight?

The ability to hide a safe behind a mirror or painting is a great advantage in a home safe. While some burglars may think to check behind wall hangings, most break-ins are quick, in-and-out affairs. After all, no crook wants to get caught, so they usually focus on items that are easily available.

A hidden safe has another advantage. Potential thieves peeking through windows can't see it. This seems obvious, but a home safe in plain view indicates the homeowner has something of value, increasing the risk of a break-in.

Theft, Fire, or Both?

A safe may be designed to protect against burglars, fire, or both. A fire-resistant safe will have a fire rating that clearly displays how long the unit can resist high temperatures, with the highest possible rating of two hours.

Choose a safe with a UL approved lock of Group 2 or better. Locks without UL approval are cheaper, but the money you save isn't worth buying an undependable lock. In addition, look for safes made from steel instead of sheet metal. Sheet metal is lighter, making safe installation easier, but much less resistant to burglary. Choose a safe with a 1/2-inch steel door and 1/4-inch steel walls.

Locks, Combinations, and Biometrics

Depending on your needs, your safe can be opened with a simple key, a combination lock, or both. Many units now use digital keypads or biometric information, such as fingerprints. Fingerprint-activated systems are recommended for any safe used to store firearms.

Want to install this yourself? Watch this video on how to install a safe in a wall.