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Secure Your Peace of Mind: Handgun and Pistol Safes

Whether you own a single gun for personal protection or a substantial collection of handguns, you need to keep them secure and prevent unauthorized use. This is particularly true for handguns intended for protection, which tend to be kept loaded for quick use, should the need arise. 

A pistol safe protects against unauthorized handgun access by children or home intruders. Safe and Vault Store has an impressive selection of handgun safe models, all designed to ensure that you can access your gun quickly with a secure storage guarantee.

Children and Safety

The thought of a home invader gaining access to your gun is frightening but pales next to the possibility of a young family member doing the same. 10,000 children are killed or injured by firearms every year in the USA. Approximately 2,500 of such cases are the result of firearm accidents, with another 270 due to suicide attempts. 

These statistics--provided by the 2009 Kid's Inpatient Database, indicate the vital importance of a pistol safe. The cost of the safe is minimal compared to the consequences of leaving a gun unsecured, as any responsible gun owner knows.

Pistol Safe Locks: Basic is Better

When choosing a gun safe, mechanical locks are considered more safe and secure than electronic options. A good quality mechanical lock is easy to use, but difficult to manipulate. Unlike electronic locks, mechanical locks have no batteries to run down and are much less likely to fail due to defective parts.

While many high-quality electronic locks are available, lower quality models are shockingly easy to manipulate--not a trait you want in any safe, but especially not in one that stores firearms. When it comes to your handgun safe, basic is better.

Finding the Right-Handgun Safe

Choosing from the array of available pistol and handgun safes can be daunting. Let our safe experts help. Call us at 1-800-207-2259 and we'll help you choose the best safe for your needs, your security, and your family's protection.


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