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Keeping Your Medicine Safe

Most homes nowadays have a medicine cabinet. Where there are cabinets, there are pills. Where there are pills is the chance that somebody is going to break into your house to take your over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

A Growing Problem

In an age when drug enforcement laws are tougher than ever, people with a bad habit turn more and more to prescription medication to achieve their high. Hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, and other high-strength pain relievers are consistently one of the most abused substances in the world today. Not only do they deliver a powerful release from the woes the abuser thinks they have, but they are also completely legal. This means that anybody with a doctor’s note can gain access to them at a pharmacy. This ready supply of prescription drugs means that any house can be targeted for drug-related break-ins. In fact, studies indicate that one of the first places burglars go to when they are performing a robbery is the medicine cabinet. This is because they either have a habit they cannot kick or intend to sell these prescription drugs on the black market. Either way, it means bad news for you.

Secure Storage 

When you have somebody in the house who is reliant on those pills to stay alive, you want to ensure that nobody with bad intentions can get their hands on them. This is why, we believe, every house needs to be equipped with a secure narcotics box. Whether it’s wall-mounted or a simple addition to your medicine cabinet, this special safe for your organic compounds will keep those pills safe. The ones we display on our website are quite similar in many respects and are indispensable to a pharmaceutical business or hospital. Composed of steel and featuring tamperproof hinges, these narcotics boxes are just the answer you need to stave off dealers and addicts alike who seek to rid you of your valuable stockpile. Most modern pharmaceutical safes also feature electronic locks so the pharmacist or doctor can access it at any time.

DIY Methods

However, let’s say you cannot afford a safe or perhaps even don’t need one. After all, very few people wind up having to take hundreds of pills on a weekly basis. Well, there are several very simple solutions you can do to secure your personal stockpile. One of the most basic things you can do is simply apply a lock onto your medicine cabinet if it has a hinge. Another option is to simply use an under-the-bed gun safe to store all your pills. We have talked at length about the advantages these small safes present when it comes to concealment and security. With the size of many prescription bottles currently, you can easily fit in all of your medication with ease while also keeping them nice and close in the event of an emergency. If you want to contribute to the conversation, feel free to leave a comment down below. Also, don’t forget to share this post, subscribe for more updates.

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