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The Best Gun Safes for Police and Military

Securing equipment, such as guns and ammunition, is a must for law enforcement. Gun safes for police departments need to be sturdy as well as portable. Officers want to be able to transport their equipment, but in a secure manner. They need gun safes that can be stowed in their vehicles but will be readily accessible when duty calls. The military need gun safes that are reliable and portable as well. It is a top priority to keep firearms locked and secure, to make sure they don’t end up in the wrong hands. Gun safes are made to fit a variety of purposes and situations. The best gun safes for law enforcement are easily accessible but strong enough to eliminate the possibility of being broken into.

Safe and Vault Store offers a selection of top-quality gun safes and has been rated the nation’s number-one resource for police and military safes. These safes range from handgun safes and pistol lockers to long gun safes, gun vaults, and weapon cabinets. A vehicle gun safe will provide safe transport for a police officer’s weapons. Easily stowed in the back of an officer’s vehicle, it provides security and ready accessibility.

TheSecureIt Tactical FB-40-01 Fast Box Vehicle Gun Safe Model 40 is designed to be bolted down in the back of an SUV. It’s constructed of heavy-duty all-welded steel and a recessed, full piano hinge door with a three-point locking system. The electronic touch padlock makes it easy to access and comes with a key override. Smaller firearms and equipment can be stored in pistol lockers or handgun safes. These safes are lightweight and can be moved around,  or you can use the pre-drilled holes so that they can be bolted down or welded together in a cluster for multiple handgun storage.

ThePerma-Vault PVB-5813-M Large Capacity Pistol Box With Medeco Lock is a pistol box that can be bought individually or in multiple units to be stacked and welded together. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, this pistol box has a high-security Medeco lock with 2 keys. The drop-down door is fully hinged for easy access and a fully padded bottom. When an officer needs to access weapons quickly, a great option is a biometric lock.

These locks are opened using the swipe of a fingerprint.TheLiberty HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Handgun & Pistol Safe features Liberty’s 5th-generation biometric fingerprint technology, making it accessible within 2 seconds. It is made of sturdy steel with a 14-gauge steel door and built-in anti-pry tabs. The biometric lock has the highest accuracy rate on the market and one of the lowest false-read rates.

Gun cabinets and long gun safes are large enough to hold shotguns, rifles, AR-15's, Swat Gear, bulletproof vests and other law enforcement gear. One of the most popular gun cabinets is theMonster Vault Vehicle Gun Safe. It fits in the back of most SUV’s and holds the most gear and weapons.  When looking for a gun safe for law enforcement, you want to be assured that it’s of the highest quality. Some companies offer safes made by manufacturers that use poor security engineering practices. In safety tests performed by physical security specialists, the safes were easily compromised. Key locks were circumvented using paperclips or pieces of brass. 

Safe and Vault Store has been a trusted provider of sturdy, reliable gun safes for almost seven decades. Many of their safes are made in the USA and are manufactured for the specific needs of police and military. If your police department is in need of some gun safe storage options, please give us a call today at 800-207-2259. We can help you pick out safes that will fit your needs.