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Most Valuable Substances on Earth

When it comes to valuable substances you might be surprised to know that there’s a long list above gold and even a few materials valued over diamonds in terms of its value to weight ratio. Though many of the world’s most valuable substances are gems and precious metals there are also a few unique substances in the higher echelons with medical or scientific applications or even foods. Here we’ll look at some of the world’s most valuable substances and you might even find yourself reconsidering how you stock your safe.


Though it’s not exactly recommended to keep food or other perishables in your safe there are a few items with near extreme value that you might think about making an exception for. White truffles are one example going for roughly $2,000 per pound. This fungi is typically found in Italy and is used in a number of high end recipes. Another interesting food worth more than $15,000 a pound is Iranian Beluga caviar. At prices like these it might be time to invest in a refrigerated safe.


Though diamonds are the most known valuable gem they certainly aren’t the most expensive. Just be thankful taafeite or painite aren’t in vogue for proposals. Taafeite is thought to be about a million times as rare as diamonds and can go for up to $20,000 per gram. Although, because of its rarity, it doesn’t really have any applications besides jewelry. Painite, even more expensive, goes for up to $300,000 per gram and is thought to be the rarest gem mineral in existence. If you can get your hands on either of these definitely think about getting a new safe.


While gold is a good standard of value there are a few precious metals even more valuable. Rhodium, a rare metal related to platinum, goes for around $45 a gram and is generally used in catalytic converters for automobiles to reduce carbon emissions. Platinum, worth about $50 a gram has a number of interesting applications as a catalyst in chemical reactions as well as an additive in a number of different cancer drugs. Platinum is also commonly used for jewelry as well. Finally, the most expensive substances in existence go to Californium 252 at roughly $27 million per gram. Californium has a number of applications for nuclear reactors as well as oil wells. Additionally, antimatter at trillions per gram is the most expensive substance in existence though it would be impossible to keep in a conventional safe.