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Who Would Steal from a Church?

Who would steal from a Church? According to dozens of reports, several people have and believe it or not it is usually an inside job. Watch this video on a Priest accused of stealing money from his parish. 


This includes a Priest in Seattle caught stealing from his Church and a young alter boy in the Midwest who was caught pocketing money left by Parishioners. It's a tough pill to swallow thinking about someone sinking low enough to steal from a Church, but like any business where cash is being handled, it's tempting to pocket the money. A good way for most Churches to avoid this kind of theft is to invest in aDepository Safe.

Church employees drop the money into a small slot and the safe stays locked. This can help ensure that the money goes where well-meaning people intend and not into the hands of an unscrupulous employee. Depository Safes for a Church have (4) anchor holes in the bottom and should always be anchored into either a concrete or wood floor. Most Depository Safes are not intended for overnight storage of large amounts of cash. However, if the Depository Safe has a "C" Rated Burglar rating, then you can store cash overnight. Depository Safes are a very affordable solution, insuring that your Church will not lose funds to internal or external theft.

If you are a Church in the market for a Depository Safe, please give me one of our safe experts a call at 800-207-2259. We can discuss the different requirements that you may have. Make sure you have the deposit bag size you typically use on hand so that we can help determine which size you may need.