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Extended Warranty



Over time lock and safe mechanical adjustments or repairs may become necessary. Even the highest quality locks, components, and materials can fail and need replacement. These repairs and replacements can be expensive given the average locksmith fee to open a safe or to adjust/repair/replace a lock is between $300 - $600 or more depending on your location and the complexity of the safe’s materials.

The original manufacturer warranty information is provided on the product description web site page. For those who desire a higher level of protection and guarantee that you will not have unanticipated expenses, we offer an extended warranty plan that offers…

No deductibles; no hidden fees

If your safe fails, we provide parts and labor at no cost to you.
Enjoy all of the benefits our service plan has to offer:**

On-Site Service

  • When your safe requires service or repair we will provide a certified safe technician at no cost to you to get your safe in proper working order.

Replacement Parts

  • We will provide replacement parts at no cost to you.
    • If we can't repair your safe we will replace the safe at no cost to you. Prepaid Shipping
    • When a replacement safe or parts are needed, we cover shipping (UPS Ground Service only).

Live Support

  • Speak to a live representative at 800-207-2259 to walk you through troubleshooting, programming, and more. 

Nationwide Service

  • We have certified safe technicians nationwide. Zero out-of-pocket expenses.**
    • We cover costs for all parts, shipping and labor.

Visit our Tech Support Page to:

  • Learn how to get the most from your product.
  • Get instant trouble shooting support.

Manufacturer Defects

Safe & Vault Store will guarantee your product be free from defects for a period of (1 or 2 years depending on selected plan) on manufacturer defects only.

No Deductibles, No Hidden Fees

If your product fails, we provide parts and labor at no cost to you**

**Limitations and exclusions apply. See Terms and Conditions below for complete details of the coverage.


  1. Extended warranty coverage begins after the product manufacturer’s standard warranty expires (typically one year).
  2. To receive any services from Safe & Vault Store, you must first contact us and go through troubleshooting procedures. If you elect to not go through the troubleshooting procedures with us and/or the manufacturer, any services provided by Safe & Vault Store or any other vendor will not be covered under the extended warranty and you will be responsible for all costs related to the service.
  3. If onsite service is required, as determined by us, customer must first complete and return to Safe & Vault Store a disclaimer form which is located here. Service is provided Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except holidays. If the onsite technician determines the problem(s) to be caused due to user error, customer will be responsible for all costs related to the service. 
  4. Service or repair work done by other than Safe & Vault Store's authorized technician is not covered.
  5. Valid only in the United States.
  6. Replacement batteries are not included.
  7. Ancillary devices (i.e. electric dehumidifier, desiccant, pistol rack, etc.) which are not ordered as an installed attachment to the safe are not included.
  8. User error is not covered.
  9. Combination changes are not covered unless otherwise agreed upon by us in writing at time of repair and/or service.
  10. The Extended Warranty plan shall not apply to safes, locks, or safe parts which have been neglected, misused, or exposed to extreme or unusual environments. Any modifying or tampering with the safe or lock which alters or affect the safe or lock’s use or operation voids the warranty.
  11. Warranty coverage is for the product and/or parts only; labor for moving, un-installing and/or re-installing of the product is not covered. This service may be coordinated through us at an additional cost.
  12. Should a product need to be completely replaced Safe & Vault Store will pay for replacement of the product only, including shipping to curbside. Labor costs to un-install, remove and/or re-install the product(s) is not included. Removal and disposal of customer’s irreparable product is not included. 
  13. This warranty is non-transferrable and only applies to the original owner. Proof of purchase may be required.
  14. All other terms and conditions noted on our website apply. To view these terms and conditions/limited warranty please click here.