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AMSEC BF6030 Rifle & Gun Safe with Dye The Safe Guy


Hi, I'm Dye The Safe Guy, manager of www.safeandvaultstore.com here today to talk about the AMSEC BF6030. It is 60" tall, 30" wide and 26" deep. The AMSEC features 1/2" steel door. It also has 3 way bolt work system with 11/2" steel bolts. The body is constructed of 11 gauge exterior steel and 16 gauge interior steel and the thing that separates this safe from all the others is it has 2 inches of concrete composite material injected in-between the two layers of steel. Not only does this provide you with a 2-hour fire rating but it also acts as a further deterrent to a physical burglar attack. 

Another nice feature of the BF6030 gun safe is it has a standard door organizer. This door organizer has Velcro straps here for two long guns; it also has holsters for pistols and other pouches for your ammunition and scopes. Another feature on the BF6030 is the standard electrical outlet in the lower corner. The BF6030 has the universal shelving gun racking. You can move your shelves from left to right and they are very versatile. These shelves down here can be pulled out or moved from left to right.

One of the nice features of the AMSEC gun safe is they have a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty will replace your safe if you are in a fire or suffer a burglar attack. They will even pay the freight. Compare that to other safe manufacturers.  I'm Dye The Safe Guy with SafeandVaultStore.com, thanks for watching!

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