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Bulletproof Backpacks

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Leatherback Gear's Bulletproof Backpacks are designed to save lives. Imagine if there was an active shooter event and your backpack becomes a bulletproof device. It could even save your child's life in the event of an active shooter at school.

Leatherback's bulletproof backpacks offer back protection, front protection, detachable tourniquet, 300-pound drag handle, and an RFID pocket. 

How will it protect me? There are soft body armor panels [NIJ Level IIA] located in the front and back of the backpack. This will protect against the most commonly used handguns. 

See how Leatherback Gear stands up at the gun range:

There are 4 styles of bulletproof backpacks:

Tactical One - This backpack is designed for trained individuals who put themselves at risk to save others in the event of an emergency. It has ample storage and MOLLE rigging, this is one of the new standards in "go-bags". 

Civilian One - The Civilian One has a sophisticated yet everyday look. It is highly functional and will blend in with any lifestyle.

Sport One - The Sport One is perfect for today's active lifestyle. It is stylish, yet is lightweight enough to carry around. It is also versatile and functional. You can use this as your every day "go-to" backpack for work, school, or play.

Sport One Jr. - The Sport One Jr. is designed to protect grade school children as well as adults that want a smaller backpack. It is the smallest and lightest weight of all the models.