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Pharmacy Safes

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The theft and misuse of prescription narcotics, especially opiates, depressants, and stimulants, is an increasing problem in the US. Abuse of opiate painkillers has led to a sharp increase in heroin abuse after years of declining use. If you handle such powerful medication, you need careful control within a secure storage area.

The Pharmacy Safe

Safe and Vault Store offers a variety of narcotic safe models designed to prevent theft and abuse. Each prescription medication safe in our line meets strict DEA standards for secure narcotic storage, so you can rest assured that only authorized individuals will be able to access medication.

Hospitals, Pharmacies, and the Home

Hospitals and pharmacies favor large narcotic safes, with adjustable shelves and room for an array of medication. A narcotic safe offers peace of mind and security. Stored medication cannot be accidentally ingested, abused, or stolen.

This last possibility--theft--can have long-lasting consequences. If a thief makes off with a patient's prescription medication, Rx bottles contain information that puts your patient at risk of identity theft and credit card fraud. The result can be significant financial losses to the patient and a loss of confidence in your organization. The cost of a narcotic safe is minor in comparison.

Choosing a Pharmacy Safe

Your options for a medication safe range from small cabinets to large units designed for health care centers. Many come with adjustable shelves to accommodate different sized Rx bottles. Models are available with either purely mechanical or electronic locks. Depending on your local environment, a dehumidifier may be necessary to ensure that medication stays as dry and fresh as possible.

If you need help selecting a pharmacy safe, call our knowledgeable experts at 1-800-207-2259 to make the most appropriate choice for your needs. Give your prescription medication the safety it deserves.