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Brand Breakdown: Fort Knox

You’ve surely heard the name before. Synonymous with security, Fort Knox safes have been called the ‘Cadillac’ of gun safes and for good reason. With lifetime warranties and impeccable build quality Fort Knox lives up to the name. What exactly is the story behind this brand though? Here we’ll look at some of the history behind this brand of gun safes and find out exactly what sets it apart from the rest.


Fort Knox safes are about as all American as it gets. Named after America’s iconic symbol of security, Fort Knox safes have been designed and manufactured in America for over 30 years. In this time Fort Knox has been an industry leader in reliable innovation as well as customer service and satisfaction. With great pride in their product, Fort Knox offers the single most comprehensive lifetime warranty available for any home or commercial safe. The Fort Knox lifetime guarantee includes burglary, fire, flood, incidental damage, and even lock and paint. With the conviction to stand behind their product and high quality American engineering, Fort Knox safes have quickly become a fan favorite for gun safe enthusiasts.


Among the many innovative features utilized by Fort Knox safes, the most intriguing is perhaps their patented rack and pinion gear driven locking mechanism. This is one of the most technically sophisticated pieces of mechanical engineering to make its way into home or commercial safes. The basic idea is a series of gears (sometimes even coming with a clutch on the handle) that convert rotational motion into linear motion. Today this method is commonly used in the steering mechanisms for modern cars as well as some bank vaults. This method is generally believed to be stronger, more precise, and require less maintenance than alternatives.


In addition to innovation, Fort Knox doesn’t skimp when it comes to quality materials. The best part is that virtually every piece of Fort Knox safes are customizable and upgradeable. You can even upgrade the steel used to ArmaKnox Ballistic Metal (three times stronger than mild steel with a level three ballistics rating) or simply increase the thickness. Fort Knox safes come with 90 minute fire protection (tested at 1680 F) with two sets of intumescent seals. Now for the bad part. These safes are not cheap (as you probably expected). Especially true in the world of safes and vaults is that you get what you pay for. Fort Knox are top of the line premium products designed explicitly for the consumer that needs the best. That said, if you can afford it Fort Knox will not disappoint.