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Budget Safes

While there’s a lot of clamor around the top of the line cutting edge safes the truth is that these are not for everybody. Most of the time even a low level of resistance is enough to deter all but the professional criminals. For most people, a budget safe will offer enough security without having to break the bank just to store some basic valuables. Everybody has something they could use a safe for but most people don’t have the high ticket items that merit extreme security measures. Here we’ll look at how you can get value out of even the cheapest safes available and why that might just be the perfect options available.

How Much do Budget Safes Cost?

A decent little safe can be bought nowadays for under $100. This is pretty incredible considering that you’ll still get a modern safe with basic security and an electronic locking mechanism. The one thing that you’ll really be missing out on is storage space. While budget safes have most of the basic modern amenities aside from fireproofing the one thing that you cannot buy for under $100 is a lot of storage space. You can expect to get about half a cubic foot of storage space which should suffice for some basic valuables.

What Can I Store in a Budget Safe?

As mentioned, the biggest hurdle to owning a budget safe is the small amount of space. However, this should suffice for some of the basic valuables that everybody has but most people might not lock up. This means passports, crucial documents, small amounts of gold, cash, or jewelry, and family heirlooms. Everybody has these things but most don’t store them in a safe. However, for under $100, why not? The truth is that even a minute amount of resistance is often enough to deter all but the professional criminals. Burglars are looking for easy pickings and likely won’t bother with a safe.

Who Needs a Budget Safe?

The truth is that nearly everybody could get some use out of a budget safe. This means everyone from college students to professionals. The only people that don’t need a budget safe are those that need more space, have enough tangible capital to merit additional security features, or are in need of fireproofing. So, in short anybody that doesn’t have a safe could get a fair bit of use out of a budget safe.