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5 Things To Think About When Choosing In-Wall Safes For Your Home

A wall safe is an investment that needs installation. It's best to think about the purchase.

If you are looking to protect your valuables but also want daily access to them, in-wall safes can be an excellent choice. There are many things you should take into account when choosing any safe, though; and there are five in particular I want to bring up now - specifically concerning in-wall safes.


First of all, choosing an in-wall safe is a commitment. They are not easy to relocate, after all. The safe will be mounted in your wall and once it is there you do not want to decide later on that it isn't in the right place. Make sureyou decide on a section of your home where you can conceal the safe by putting a painting, mirror, or other item over it to keep it from being visible.

Wall Depth

Secondly, when you choose your in-wall safe make sure it will work with the depth of your wall. Your typical wall is not extremely deep, so make sure the depth of the in-wall safe is compatible with your architecture (typical walls are 4" - 6" deep). Also, it's good to keep in mind that even without significant depth you can go with a taller in-wall safe to have more than enough room.


Third thing to consider is the actual installation of your in-wall safe. It will need to be attached to the studs in your wall, so choose an area with enough room for your in-wall safe to mount easily. Ideally you should choose your location when your home is first being built. If you install an in-wall safe later, though, most in-wall safes come with a flange so there is no need for plaster or drywall repair.

Lock Options

Next, just as with all safes, in-wall safes have multiple lock options. One option is an electronic lock, but there are also locks that open with keys, combination codes, and some even incorporate two options, like both a key and combination code, to ensure more protection.

Quality Range

Finally, when choosing your in-wall safe you will see a variety of price and quality ranges. You should check the thickness of the steel to determine the security of the safe.

In-wall safes are a great way to have the protection for your valuables you desire, while keeping them close and handy for easy, daily access.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing a wall safe and which one is right for you, please give us a call