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What Different Types of Cash Dispensing Safes Are Available?

Safely handling large amounts of money is one of the potentially most risky activities in modern business. Keeping cash in an unsecured till shows a green light to any potential thief, and having to open and close your safe every time you want to deposit cash also leaves you vulnerable and is inconvenient. By combining the security of a safe with the convenience of a cash dispenser you can increase the security of your money without compromising on convenience or security. The solution to this security risk is a cash dispensing safe. Modern cash dispensing safes, such as those manufactured by NKL, Tidel Engineering, and Perfect Cash, provide the basic safe and cash handling functionality and a number of additional features that you didn't know you needed until you've used them. At the most basic level, a cash handling safe will allow you to enter money, count it, store it and dispense it when required.

The counting process will be faster and more accurate than available if a human were to do the same task and it is harder for anyone to skim money out of the pile or make mistakes by counting errors. Some modern safe's can count up to 300 bank notes per minute accurately and provide secure storage for the money. These models can also validate the authenticity of the bank notes as they count them, rejecting any fakes. The notes can then be dispensed for transfer to an armored car for transport to the bank. Models providing these features include the Tidel TACC IIa and the NKL AutoBank V1. More advanced models provide more functionality, as well as increased storage capacity.

A common feature is the ability to produce an audit trail of the money and can provide verifiable details of the current levels of cash held in the safe. The control units can link together with multiple other control units, with up to 16 cash dispensing safes being linked together. These additional features are provided by the NKL AutoBank V2 and Tidel BCD Cash Management System. A relatively new feature is the addition of internet connectivity to electronic cash dispensing safes. This functionality would allow the manager of a chain of stores to manage and audit the safe in multiple sites from the comfort of his own desk.

Other models can be linked over an ethernet network to a central management system, point of sale system, a back office management PC or even to other branches in a larger network. The system can be configured to monitor the level of money in a till and even provide notifications of when a till is running low or is full.This level of functionality is provided by the NKL AutoBank XLV-iP and the Perfect Cash Automation Cash-Handling system among others. There are many different sizes of cash dispensing safe, ranging from small under-the-counter models which are suitable for a single till operation, to large models which would be used in an organization with multiple tills or even banks.

An example of a smaller model would be the Tidel Sentinel LCND Cash Management System, and an example of the larger model would be linking together NKL Autobank XLV D8 and V2 systems. As you can see, there are many different types of cash dispensing safe, ranging from the modern basic models that count cash in and out and keep it safe to larger cash dispensing safes that would not be out of place in a bank. More info and where to buy Cash Dispensing Safes