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Cash Dispensing Safes

Do you work in a cash-heavy business like a restaurant, retail shop, or bank? Well, you probably have a better idea than most about the inherent risks of cash heavy business. Unlike businesses that run through invoices, electronic payments, or credit, cash-heavy businesses find themselves vulnerable to cash-drains. What are cash drains, you may ask? Well, associated with any cash businesses are cash drains such as employee theft, armored car fees, bank fees, lost or stolen deposits, and increased labor costs. While some are avoidable with proper employee training (such as employee theft and lost or stolen deposits) others are undeniable. Cash dispensing safes are a way for cash-heavy businesses to avoid cash-drains and retain a level of control in their business. These safes are great for high cash businesses such as Convenience Stores, Truck Stops, Entertainment Venues, Grocery Stores and high cash Point-Of-Sale Retail operations. We at Safe and Vault Store have a plethora of cash dispensing safes to help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. If you are interested, please give us a ring and one of our safe experts will be able to walk you through the process as well as answer any questions you may have about introducing a cash-dispensing safe into your business. For the time being, feast your eyes on this top of the line cash-dispensing safe: Tidel Sentinel BCD-R Cash Management System The Tidel Bulk Coin Dispenser and Recycler module will change the way you think about cash automation in your counting room. Due to the Sentinel modularity, the Bulk Coin Dispenser with Recycler may be coupled with a High Capacity Note Dispenser and a Note Validation module to provide a complete solution for employee cash accountability. Cashiers begin their shift by dispensing coins and notes authorized for their own till drawer. At end-of- shift, cashiers drop their coins and notes back into the system for final bank out. The Sentinel BCD-R module saves you time and eliminates manual counting errors and shrink by automating all of your cash management functions so you can focus on business and not counting cash. Applications • Robbery Deterrent • Internal Shrink Controls • Cash Management • Secure Receipt Storage • Cash Reserve Storage • Coin and Note Dispensing • Cash Back on Debit Cards • Recycles Coins • Replenish Cash for Register (POS) • Single or Bulk Feed Note Validators Warranty • 1 Year Parts and 90 Days Labor (Inside the US) • 1 Year Parts Only (Outside the US) Hardware Features • Cashiers Obtain Their Own Coins/Notes for Start-of-Shift • Cashiers Perform Drops and Loans on Their Own • Cashiers Bank Out Both Coins and Notes on Their Own • Coins are Dispensed at a Rate of Eight Coins per Second per Bin • Coins are Counted, Validated and Recycled at 80 Coins per Minute • 8 Coin Hoppers; Each Hopper Can Hold 1500 (25¢), 3600 (10¢), 1900 (5¢) and 2800 (1¢) • For Note Dispensing modules, see LCND or HCND • Typical Till Drawer is Dispensed in less than 30 Seconds • Typical Till Drawer is Counted, Verified and Coins Recycled in less than 3 Minutes Software Features • Embedded Windows CE Operating System and Network Ready • Simple to Run for Any Cashier; No Cash Room Employees Required • Full Complement of Cash Management Reports • Report Information can be Downloaded Remotely via Network Connection • Easily Upgraded Via a Network Download to Facilitate a Software Upgrade or to Update Note Validators as New Notes are Released by Local Governments