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Do I need different safe types for different items? Gun safes and cash boxes

This is another common question we hear at Safe & Vault Store. The short answer is that there are gun safes, and cash boxes, built for storing guns and cash respectively. There are also vaults for storing large items. Beyond that, safes are versatile and can be used to protect any valuables you care to mention.

Gun safes

Gun safes are typically larger than other safe types, and come in many shapes and sizes:
  • Gun cabinets: A large upright safe. Suitable for holding a collection of guns and protecting it against theft.
  • Under-bed safes: Trunks designed to be concealed under a bed and accessed quickly. Can store a few different rifles. Can also be put in vehicles.
  • Handgun safes: Smaller safes designed to hold pistols and other handguns. The smallest are vaults designed to hold a single handgun and to be accessed very quickly, in the case of emergencies.
Gun safes are typically shaped differently than many other types of safes, and are designed with access in mind. Sometimes, an owner will need to quickly retrieve their gun, and so this need is balanced with security. They also have specialized racks for holding pistols and rifles.

Cash boxes

As they are only designed to hold cash - these safes are not particularly large. As with other safe types, they can be opened with a key, with a combination, or with a keypad.

Vault Doors

Finally, if you need to store many items, or very large items, a vault door or custom-made vault might do the trick. This can be expensive, but if your security needs call for it, then it’s worth doing. Here’s a story of one person who had a custom made vault built to store his gun collection. Not sure what type of safe you need? Call us at Safe and Vault Store, or chat online with Dye the Safe Guy. We’ll steer you right.