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Have You Considered Using Deadbolt Locks?

No neighborhood is immune to crime. In fact, seemingly safe upscale neighborhoods often attract criminals looking for an easy score. Many unsuspecting homeowners in desirable zip codes have been the victim of a daylight robbery after leaving a front or back door unlocked. A thief posing as a neighbor or contractor will try their luck on local locks until they find an unsecured home. However, there is a simple solution to this problem, and we're not talking about high-tech security systems. To ward off thieves with a taste for the finer things, deadbolt locks can be extraordinarily effective. Sometimes, low-tech solutions like deadbolt locks really are your best bet.

The Safe & Vault Store's deadbolt locks increase the security of your home by protecting it against possible intruders. A standard everyday lock may not be enough to resist an attacker trying to force their way through the door. The Safe & Vault Store carries a huge selection of deadbolt locks. These security locks are distinct from spring bolt locks because they can't be moved to the open position by force. To open a deadbolt lock, you need to have the correct key inside the lock. Only by rotating the correct key can you open the door.

How Do Deadbolt Locks Work?

The Safe & Vault Store's deadbolt locks are made with resilient steel. They're installed by fitting the deadbolt lock inside a custom hole in the door jamb. A striking plate is welded to the frame studs set in the door to hold the deadbolt lock in place. To open a deadbolt lock, you need to insert the correct key into the keyhole of the lock. This lets you unlock the door and enter your home. On the other side of the door, you can engage the deadbolt with a twist lock. Because deadbolts are made from strong metal, they can't be broken through force. They will stand up to the vast majority of intrusion attempts.

What Are The Advantages Of Installing A Deadbolt Lock?

The Safe & Vault Store's deadbolt locks ensure that your home or business is safe and secure from break-ins. The integrity of our deadbolt locks can't be compromised by crowbars and hammers, which intruders may use to try and enter your home. Burglars are often average people who try to get in and get out of a property fast. That means they're more than likely to give up on a property if they're unable to enter within a few minutes -- or even a few seconds. With a deadbolt lock from the Safe & Vault Store, the frustration factor for intruders is much higher. To learn more about how deadbolt locks can increase your home's safety, contact the Safe & Vault Store today.