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Hollon Safes Security Education

Let's take a couple of minutes and allow me to educate  you on the different types of Hollon Safes and security levels. Then let's start with a line up of 4 types of safes starting with a TL-15, than a fire & burglary, followed our B-rated cash safe and an office safe last. The first one I want to introduce is the TL-15 category.

Hollon TL-15 Safes

The letters TL stand for tool. Have you ever been into a bank and seen that vault over there in the corner? That is an insurable UL rated vault and the TL-15 is also an insurable UL rated vault like that bank vault. This safe is designed and made with multiple layers of steel, hard plate and a high compression concrete aluminum barrier. When UL was testing it for endurance against an attack, they only made it 53% of the way through the door and 55% of the way through the side wall before they declared it an engineering success. Hollon Safe makes the smallest one in the world and is designed for coin collections, large amounts of cash or jewelry and people that no longer want to pay for safety deposit box at the bank. Normally your insurance company would require this type of safe if you purchased a rider policy to cover certain contents. It s also:
  • 2 hour fire rated
  • Dual glass secondary locking system
  • Bolt down to the foundation

Prices start around the $1,400 price range for our smallest model.

Hollon Fire & Burglary Safes

Next in line is our fire and burglary safe series. Fire rating is the same at 2 hour rating. The security is fine for most residential and even commercial environments. Also bolts to the foundation. This is the first line of defense in safes that is just below the TL-15 rating. Some insurance rider polices may not accept this level of security however, because it does not have that TL rating. It is designed with:

  • Two layers of steel
  • Fireproof barrier
  • Glass secondary locking system very similar to the TL-15

Generally these prices will start just below the $1,000 price range.

B-Rated Cash Safe

Third in our series is a B-Rated Cash Safe. Everyone asks, what does the B-Rated mean? This is actually a term that was in use in the 1890's during the great train robbery does of the old west. It means the door is 1/2" thick and the body is 1/4" thick with steel. However, this is now an unregulated term so all manufactures make up what they want their B-Rated Safes to be. So like a 2" x 4" at the lumber yard, we all know it is no longer a 2" x 4". So you need to check with all manufacturers to find out just how thick of steel is actually used. I've personally seen some of the biggest names in the safes industry use some of the thinnest steel. Always ask what you are buying in this category. This type is great on security like our fire and burglary series with a 1/2" thick steel door but it has no fire proofing. This uses a spring loaded secondary locking system also bolts to the foundation.

Starting price ranges under $600.

Office Safe Series

Last on our list is the Office Safe series. These offer very good 2 hour fire protection and some light security protection that would be the next level just below the fire and burglary and the B-Rated safe category. This series also bolts down to the foundation and price ranges on the Office Safe Series start around the $690 price range.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions regarding the Hollon Safes, please give us a call today at 800-207-2259!