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Home Office Safety: Is Your Home Office Safe and Secure?

For many of us, working from home used to be something we fantasized about; then it suddenly happened and reality quickly set in.  Happily, remote workers are proving to be productive, adaptable, and finding ways to meet the challenges of maintaining the privacy of employees, clients, customers, patients, and students while working safely from home.         

Maintaining a safe home office 

Setting up a home office space is one thing; making it safe and secure to work from on a daily basis is another.  Here are a few tips to get you started. 

How To Stay Safe at Home

Secure your home

  • Consider a deeper level of protection for your entire home with a home video surveillance camera system that you can easily install yourself.  Most systems will now allow you to receive alerts on your phone, while you are home and away.      
  • Having work mail sent to your home now?  Preserve privacy with a secure locking mailbox.  
  • With home burglaries on the rise, a heavy-duty deadboltis a low-cost, high-security option to increase your home security.

How To Stay Safe in your Home Office

Secure your home office 

Although much work can be saved to the cloud, there are times when paper documents must be generated and stored. Here are some options to enhance your home office space safety:

  • A  burglar fire safe is an excellent option for safely securing sensitive documents. Also, a great way to ensure your much-needed peace of mind by keeping your home and office documents safely stored from fire, flood, and burglars.  
  • Fire file cabinets combine a safe with a file cabinet—perfect for enabling protection from fire, theft, and water damage; and conveniently fits in a closet or under a desk.         
  • Shredders can thoroughly destroy documents, credit cards, and CD’s/DVD’s, just imagine effortlessly cutting through 10 sheets at a time including those pesky staples. 
  • Data media safes that are designed for the secure storage of heat-sensitive DVDs, hard drives, CDs, and data tapes.

Home office security is a challenge, but you don’t have to go it alone.  Let us know what your home office safety concerns are; we can help you! Call us at 800-207-2259 today!