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Crime Is On the Rise: Protect Your Valuables With a Home Burglary Safe

Crime Is On the Rise: Protect Your Valuables With a Home Burglary Safe


During the coronavirus pandemic, we've been told that we're safer at home. And while this is certainly true when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19, this isn't to say that our properties are impenetrable. In fact, crime is on an upward trajectory due to the financial hardship caused by our current health crisis. And as a result, Americans need to take steps to protect what they care about most. Below, we're discussing some important crime statistics you'll want to keep in mind, as well as how home safes can play an important role in preventing property loss.

Crime in the Wake of COVID-19

In Spokane, where our business is based, property crimes have been on the incline. According to data, residential and garage burglaries both rose by about 30% citywide, and commercial burglaries increased by nearly 50 percent. compared to this time last year.

But this isn't merely a problem in our area. Crime is up on a national scale -- and the pandemic isn't the only factor to consider. Each year, about 2 million home burglaries are reported nationwide. And in 2018, there were an estimated 7,196,045 property crime offenses that took place. In fact, the rate of property crime that same year was estimated at 2,199.5 per 100,000 people. Losses related to property crimes in 2018 were estimated at $16.4 billion, as well. And since many people continue to be out of work and are finding themselves in dire financial straits, it's probable that these crimes will become even more frequent and more devastating to victims.

Why Use Home Burglary Safes to Protect Your Valuables

That all sounds incredibly bleak, but there are ways to protect your home and your family. Home and office safes can be used to protect all kinds of valuables, from laptops and other expensive electronics to irreplaceable jewelry, cash, and important documents. Secure home burglary safes can be used to store valuables from theft and fire damage -- which means that no matter what kind of situation you might face, you can rest assured that your valuables will be kept in your possession and out of the wrong hands.

We suggest safes should be secured to a solid surface (wood or concrete floor) to prevent someone from taking it from your home to break into it later. Best of all, home burglary safes can easily be kept in a bedroom, home office, basement, or closet while providing you with the durability and security you expect and deserve.

You will want to consider the type of safe you are purchasing versus the content value that you want to protect. 

Safe Burglar Ratings Explained

Burglar ratings are a mix of manufacture standards and Underwriters Laboratory burglar ratings. (you should always ask your insurance broker to contact Underwriters Laboratory for additional recommendations on content value storage). 

These ratings and content values are guidelines only:

 Burglar Rating

With Burglar Alarm          

   NO Burglar Alarm      

B-Rate Learn More

UP TO $10,000

   UP TO $5,000

B/C Rate Learn More

UP TO $20,000

   UP TO $10,000

UL RSC Learn More

UP TO $30,000

   UP TO $15,000

C-Rate Learn More

UP TO $50,000

   UP TO $25,000

UL TL-15 Learn More

UP TO $200,000

   UP TO $100,000

UL TL-30 Learn More

UP TO $375,000

   UP TO $195,000

UL TL-30X6 Learn More

UP TO $500,000

   UP TO $275,000

UL TRTL-30X6 Learn More

UP TO $1,000,000+

   UP TO $500,000+


There's a lot to be worried about in the world right now. But the protection of your valuables shouldn't be on that list. Tragically, many Americans are learning the hard way that they should have increased their home security during this time. But by investing in a high-quality safe for your home, you'll have unshakeable peace of mind in knowing that your home and your irreplaceable items are well-protected.

To learn more about how our safes can protect you from becoming the victim of a crime, please contact us today. 


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