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Looking Out for the Right Laptop Safe

When you are shopping around for safes—whether it’s for your guns, your money, or important documents—you are undoubtedly looking for something with a lot of security and just as much space for those important items you want to keep… well, safe. But one type you are probably not on the market for is a laptop safe. Maybe you think it’s a superfluous purchase or something you don’t quite have the space for. However, a decent laptop safe can protect you from more than a world of hurt as more people begin to rely on laptops for the bulk of their digital work.

Why You Should Have One

The fact of the matter is that computers and laptops carry a lot more information than you might think. All it takes is a somewhat clever hacker, and you will find yourself with changed passwords, massive amounts of debt, and all your digital documents in the hands of an unscrupulous character. Identity theft, one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States right now with more than nine million victims a year, can be accomplished in a snap if your laptop is stolen. And considering that so many Americans now work from home on their laptop, you also run the risk of sacrificing your livelihood. A proper laptop case can give you plenty of added security, however. Carrying many of the same amenities and features you can expect from any other safe, investing in one could be just the barrier you need to keep thieves away. 

Backup Security.

Now, most safes nowadays automatically come with an electronic lock that gives you access to the safe. What most safes do not have, however, is a backup. For starters, the PLO48E can have two codes programmed into it, each one carrying up to eight digits. In addition, this particular model includes a pair of backup keys which can give you access to the safe in the event of you forgetting it. The safe also features a lightweight chain you can use to secure the safe to your bed or suitcase.

Easy Travel.

But laptops are also quite delicate. Bang them around too much, and you’ll find yourself with a device that has all sorts of problems ranging from screen glitches to startup issues. This is why cushioning is necessary to keep the laptop from sustaining external and internal damage and is a staple in the safe’s construction. Carrying the safe is also made easy with the use of a handle much like you would find on a basic low-security carrying case. For a relatively cheap investment, you can make massive advances in favor of keeping your identity safe and prevent thousands, maybe even millions, of dollars’ worth of data from going to the wrong hands.

So we must ask you: Why not make the purchase? If you are a contractor or a small business owner, or you have duties which take you all over the world, this could be a resource you will thank later.

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