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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is quickly becoming a staple of home security so it is important to stay informed of your options when looking to purchase a video surveillance system. While once this was only reserved for commercial purposes it is becoming both more affordable for domestic use and more advanced and functional. Digital video has quickly become the standard and gives you a lot of advantages over the analogue variant of the past. Here we’ll look at some of the important criteria to consider when looking to purchase a home video surveillance system.

Digital vs Analogue

This one is a bit of a no-brainer and you’d likely be hard pressed to find an analogue home surveillance system for sale new nowadays. The advantages of digital recording are apparent in ease of video storage and the added bonus of integration into other digital technologies. You will be able to more easily pair your home security cameras with your security system and even potentially your smartphone. Digital recording also allows for wireless transmission of data which can make for an easier setup and installation.

Motion Activated

One great way to approach home security surveillance is to use motion activated cameras. This will cut down on the amount of hard disk space that your recordings use as well as allow you to forgo hours of searching through tape to find a specific incident. Modern security cameras can be programmed to beginning recording at the first moment of motion and save you a bit of work in the long run Location Where you place your cameras is an important factor to consider before purchasing. You need to think about vulnerable locations in your home where a video cameras can get a good view of any potential perpetrators. Make sure that the view is unobstructed and preferably in a location that a potential thief would have to pass through to reach an entrance. Also worth considering is covering any entrances to your garage, which is a common target for home burglaries.


While usually home security cameras are pretty easy to maintain it is still important to do so. This basically means making sure that it is working periodically and checking to make sure the lens is clean and nothing is obstructing the view. The amount of maintenance is minimal but important should an issue arrive and you find you can’t get a clear picture of the thief because the lens was dirty.

With all that being said home security cameras are a great investment that don’t require a very active approach to home security. The maintenance is minimal and aside from the upfront cost it won’t cost much to keep it going. Additionally just having security cameras visible on your property is a strong deterrent to potential thieves.