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Wall Safes Video with Dye the Safe Guy


Hi, Dye the Safe Guy here today to talk about wall safes. First we are going to talk about the types of locks and then we are going to talk about the different types of wall safes that are available on the market today.

Wall safes come in two different types. Usually a burglar safe like this wall safe here which is steel only. Typically 3/16" metal in the door and fits in between 16" studs and will go about 6" or 7" deep on a 2 x 6 wall. Then there is a burglar fire wall safe that gives you an added one-hour fire protection. The burglar firewall safes require that you have at least 15" to 16" depth behind the wall. Otherwise, they won't work. And you also have to support it from the back with 2 x 6's or 2 x 8's to make sure that the added weight that's sticking out behind the wall is supported.

Most hidden wall safes come with two types of locks. Either a dial combination lock that has a factory preset combination. Or, a digital lock as you see here that you can set your own combination on. Another unique quality of the First Alert and Mesa Safe wall safes is they are adjustable so you can actually telescope the back of safe up to 7-1/2" deep if you have a 2" x 6" wall that will allow you an extra 1-1/2" behind the safe thereby giving you more room inside the safe.

A very unique feature of the Mesa and First Alert wall safes. We recommend that you have a professional contractor, general contractor install the wall safe between the studs in your home thereby assuring that you will have a professional neat clean job. One final note about wall safes in general. We at Safe & Vault Store do not recommend that you use wall safes for long term storage of high content value items such as expensive jewelry and lots of cash. Why? Because anyone can go to Home Depot or Lowes and rent a sawsall or buy one, and they can come into your home. Within two or three minutes they can cut all the way around the wall safe and just remove it, take it away and then find out how to get into it somewhere else where they don't have to worry about being caught.

So, we recommend wall safes for short term storage of high-value items. To find the best selection of wall safes on the Internet, come see us today at www.safeandvaultstore.com or give us a call, 800-207-2259. Thanks for listening.