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    Modular Safes

    Over the years as one of the preeminent safe-sellers on the web, we’ve found that one of the most common reasons people are resistant to invest in a safe is that they see it as something that you only get once you have “your place.” You know, that place where you know you’ll live in for year and year, where you’ll have your children and where your grandchildren will visit. This is unrealistic for most people—as  many people are finding home ownership a tougher and tougher goal to meet and even professional couples find they need to move frequently for jobs. So what do you do? It’s not prudent to wander the world with your valuables tucked under one arm while you head out the door. We’ve found the answer for you. Whether you’re a young professional who finds themselves moving frequently, a military family on assignments in different parts of the country every few years, an expat traversing the globe, a modular safe helps you by making it easy to move even the heaviest safe, piece by piece. For example, the Little Titan (one of our most popular modular safes) assembles in less than 30 minutes without any tools needed. But just because it’s modular doesn’t mean it’s less safe or secure. In fact, the Little Titan comes with a sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant 3/16” solid steel door and a strong 1/8” steel body. Three ¾” chrome steel live locking bolts prevent prying attacks. All in all, the Little Titan is a top notch safe modular or not. The fact that it is modular just makes it even more functional and a long-term investment no matter where you are in your life. Are modular safes new to you? Would you consider purchasing a modular safe if you knew it was easier to move than traditional safes? We think they’re pretty cool and hope you do too!