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    Are your guns stored properly and legally?

    There’s more to storing guns than buying a safe and cramming them in. Prudence and the law dictate that you follow certain procedures when locking away your guns and ammo. This ensures that your firearms are safe, your family is protected, and your weapons stay in the best condition.

    Solutions for gun storage

    When storing a gun, you are trying to prevent three things:
    • Accidental firing
    • Physical damage
    • Theft
    There are a number of ways you can protect your gun, and each fulfills these requirements to a different degree. Some options include:
    • Trigger locks: A trigger lock prevents a gun from firing by locking around either the trigger (preventing firing) or the action (preventing firing and loading).  These are the cheapest, lowest-maintenance way to keep a weapon safe. However, it does virtually nothing to deter theft or damage. Important: Never install a trigger lock on a loaded gun! You could bump the trigger and cause an accidental discharge.
    • Gun cases: Soft or hard gun cases preventing firing and most damage but do nothing about theft. Still, these are very useful items for transporting weapons, but should not be relied upon for total protection.
    • Strong Boxes/ Metal Gun Safes: These strike a great balance between affordability and security. These have a reliable locking system and are often mounted to a solid surface. One example is theMonster Vault Under Bed Gun Safe. Unlike trigger locks and basic gun cases, these fulfill all three requirements to some degree. Their weight and powerful lock keeps them relatively secure against theft.
    • Gun Cabinet: Gun cabinets are a simple, high-storage solution for guns. Even the smallest gun cabinets can store multiple handguns and rifles effectively. With thinner gauge steel than dedicated gun safes, these are less secure but significantly less expensive.
    • Gun safes: A gun safe will put your security worries to rest. With strong locks, thick steel, and often a high degree of fire protection, these fulfill all three requirements for gun safety to the highest degree possible.

    Other gun storage tips

    First, and foremost, many states require that guns and ammunition be stored securely and separately. Each location should be inaccessible to children. Obviously, this means that firearms should be stored unloaded. While these requirements may make it more difficult to protect yourself in the event of a home invasion, they do provide significant protection from everyday dangers such as accidents. In California, it is required that every firearm be bought with a CDOJ-certified gun safety device or that proof of safe ownership be presented. Some other states have similar rules, enforced with sizeable fines. Whether you own a weapon for hunting, shooting, self defense, or all three, it’s a serious responsibility. With the right precautions you can possess a firearm safely and legally. Safe & Vault Store.com recommends buying a gun safe to safely secure your firearms. This will prevent accidental firing, physical damage and theft. If you have any questions please call us at 800-207-2259 or shop now below. Shop Now