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How to Crack a Safe in Under 5 Minutes

This is a crazy video that illustrates just how important it is to get a high quality, burglar-specific safe. And always remember: a fire safe should not be a place you store valuables—it should be a place for important papers, sentimental objects, and other things you’d want protecting from a FIRE (and not necessarily from burglars).

The thing that really gets me about this video is that the thing the saw was tripped up on wasn’t the inch and a half concrete but rather the flimsy plastic. It truly shows that burglars who are prepared and anticipate only a small amount of protection can really knock through something. Also, sort of insane that the saw wasn’t even made for cutting through concrete—it was just a second hand, circular saw. And that it was all done in under 5 minutes. What do you think? What was the most surprising part of the video for you?