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    Do You Need a Laptop Safe?

    As portable laptop computers have quickly become an important and often costly facet of many peoples’ lives the need to keep them safe and secure is also rapidly becoming a growing concern. Fortunately, a number of differentsafe manufacturers have begun to create small and portable laptop safes. While this won’t prevent any cyber attacks on your computer, when used properly it can drastically decrease the likelihood of someone physically stealing your computer. Do you need a laptop safe? Here we’ll look at some of the basic criteria that may warrant a laptop safe. If you find that you fit into some of the following categories you may want to take a step towards prevention and further secure your portable computer.


    The first thing to think about is how much your computer is worth. If you’re using an 8 year old stone and chisel word processor you might find that a laptop safe is actually more expensive than your actual computer. However, if you have a new computer with a high price tag the need for a laptop safe increases dramatically. You can think of it as insurance to a certain degree. By putting up a small amount you will be able to safely retain the higher value of your laptop. Location If you need to use your laptop in a number of different locations it may be a good idea to invest in a laptop safe. There are a number of different models that vary greatly in weight from roughly 10 to 30 pounds. What this means is that you can either setup a static laptop safe (heavier model) to keep at your school, work, or in your car. Alternatively you can invest in a more mobile and lighter version for more frequent travel between a greater number of locations. Additionally, if you use your laptop exclusively in one unsecure location (college dormitories) a laptop safe may be a very valuable investment. Cable Fixture The last thing to consider is the environment that you will be using your laptop safe. There is one often overlooked requirement that you should consider before purchasing a laptop safe. Since these safes are so light and easy to move most laptop safes utilize a security cable that needs to be attached to a solid fixture to keep the laptop safe in place. If you don’t have a solid fixture to attach your laptop safe to it may not prove to be very useful at all.