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    Home Security for Grandma

    The older we get, the more items we acquire such as important documents, valuables, and family heirlooms. Many times, these items are just put under a bed, in a closet, or on a shelf somewhere. A fire can be a real threat to these items if they are not protected. Just recently my grandmother had a fire-safe installed in her home. Most of the very important documents that she was going to store in the safe were being stored in a cardboard box!

    This instantly makes you think, "What if she had a fire?" While my grandma has a home that is equipped with several smoke detectors and a burglar alarm, in most fires, people have precious few minutes to get out of their homes and save their own lives, let alone grab their valuables and important documents.

    Safes don't have to only be mounted on the floor, they can be mounted, as her's was, on a pedestal so that she doesn't have to bend way over to open the safe. Making sure that her important documents are safe and that everything in it is secured is such a relief! It would be a good idea to check with your parents or grandparents to make sure they have a fire-safe installed at their home. Without this, their important documents, valuables and family heirlooms can be destroyed in a fire. Many times, these items are irreplaceable.

    Please call one of our safe experts today at 800-207-2259. They can help you choose the perfect safe for your parents or grandparents needs.