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    Does an IT Consultant need a safe?

    Maybe you work in an office where you help maintain the computer systems? Maybe you work at a company that specializes in computers and IT? Maybe you are an independent consultant who is called in by multi-nationals to set up computer technology? What do all these brainy professionals have in common? They all work with expensive and highly sensitive materials and they are all in need of a high quality safeto protect their valuables.

    IT Professionals handle lots of expensive equipment including computers, servers, tons of wires, modems, hard drives, software, other hardware pieces that I’m not even going to pretend to know about. Lucky for them, these components are usually relatively small. Think of your computer – let’s say you splurged and spent $2,000 for your computer. And it’s the size of notebook. What else, besides for cash and jewelry, is that valuable and that small? It makes technology a perfect target for robbers or home invaders who may be looking to score a quick buck by going through your home. 

    Additionally, at least for me, computers also hold tons of personal information – from bank account numbers to passport scans, to family photos, home movies, work related documents. It’s incredible how much of our lives we trust to electronic devices nowadays. So what you think? Do you want to leave all this just laying around your home where it is highly vulnerable to robbers? Or would you rather hedge your bets and protect it all in a high quality safe? I’ll let you be the judge (but there does seem to be a pretty easy answer!) What do you do for a living? Are you curious to know if you could benefit from a home safe?

    We’ve love to hear some of your stories – about how safes have helped you in times of trouble or how you wish you’d have purchased a safe. Thanks so much for reading!